Product Preview: TEAC CDRW890 CD Recorder

Making a welcome return to our stores this past week has been Japanese manufacturer TEAC, and its CDRW890 CD recorder – this time in its MK. II variation.

Long a favourite in recording studios across the globe, TEAC are one of the few manufacturers that still produce a hi-fi separate CD recorder, and it is definitely a huge plus for those wanting to copy older records and cassettes onto CD without the hassle of using a PC. And with optical and coaxial connections on board, you can even connect another CD player, meaning that you can make compilations albums, too.

The TEAC features full connectivity

The TEAC features full connectivity

With its roots firmly planted in the recording studio, the CDRW890 has a plethora of recording options to suit any task. An ‘auto track’ function recognises silences in tape and vinyl recordings and automatically sets track breaks in the CD, meaning you can leave the TEAC to run whilst you get on with other things. A similar option exists for CD, but fully-manual recordings can also be made.

As well as recording to CD and CD-RW, the TEAC is also a more than competent CD player, and can fill the role of both jobs in a dedicated separates system.

If you need to start backing up your precious and delicate older analogue music, there’s no better way than the TEAC CDRW890. Call or pop into your local store for a demonstration today!

Click here to find out more about the Teac CDRW890.

Author – Chris, Liverpool store