Technology news: LG Super UHD

Super clear, pin-sharp images. Super vivid screens, with realistic colours. Super wide viewing angles. For the pinnacle of LG’s LED TV technology, look no further than Super UHD.

LG’s latest and greatest LED TVs are designed to give the best experience, no matter what you’re watching (or even where you’re watching it from, for that matter)!

From their 10-bit picture processing, to the one billion colour hues and shades, you can be certain of lifelike images that really “pop” on the screens of LG Super UHD TVs. This technology goes one step further, introducing Nano Cell technology. In a nutshell, this technological milestone creates wide viewing angles and precise colour reproduction across the whole screen. If you’re like the majority of people who enjoy watching TV at home, you’ll not always be sat directly in front of the screen. In the world of home cinema, we call this best viewing angle the “sweet spot”.

Essentially, Nano Cell technology, paired with LG’s IPS panels, turns the whole room into the “sweet spot”. Colours, contrast and details look just as good from wider viewing angles as they do being sat front and centre, so everyone in the room gets the same great viewing experience. This is made even more impressive if you’re watching 4K HDR content from one of the built-in video-on-demand services, such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Super UHD TVs are also packed with the latest image formats, in the form of LG’s Multi HDR compatibility. Dolby Vision, for example, analyses each scene, optimising the screen and giving the very best picture, regardless of how action-packed or exhilarating your entertainment may be. The inclusion of HLG, BBC’s HDR format of choice, means you can enjoy the latest 4K HDR content from iPlayer streaming, while HDR10 can be found on many 4K Blu-ray discs.

…And because Super UHD is brought to you from entertainment giants LG, you can rest assured the Smarts behind the TV is equally as impressive and the picture quality Super UHD can produce. The Smart platform, a.k.a. webOS3.5, lets you dive into a limitless world of premium content from all of the most popular entertainment providers. You can even be rewarded with peace of mind, as the security manager in webOS3.5 has been awarded various prestigious security to provide superior privacy protection. It prevents the installation of unauthorised applications, hacking and leaks of privacy.

Why not pop in to your nearest Richer Sounds and see this fantastic technology for yourself today?