The best local record stores

Whether you’re new to the vinyl game, an avid record collector, or know someone who is (it is almost Christmas, after all!), there are some great record stores just a stone’s throw from many Richer Sounds stores…

Probe Records - Liverpool

Probe Records – Liverpool

“If you’re from the Liverpool area and you love music, you’ve at the very least heard of Probe Records. The store has been a haven for record lovers since 1971, and has famously been staffed by future stars of the Merseyside music scene in their formative years, most notably Pete Wylie, Julian Cope and Pete Burns. Their record label, Probe Plus, is also home of the legendary Birkenhead band, Half Man Half Biscuit. The shelves are stacked with records (and the odd CD!), the staff know their stuff and love their music. What’s not to like?” – Chris, Liverpool store.

Archive Records - Weybridge

Archive Records – Weybridge

“It’s quite sad for me to say that there is only really one record store near us in Weybridge as I think vinyl is seeing such a resurgence, more people deserve to hear how good it can be. But Archive Records in our local town is a treasure trove of wonders and incredible finds, if you have the time to look through them all. A single man is currently in charge. He is a very friendly man who is always playing an early 1900’s classic in the corner, but with a choice in front of him of what could be in the tens of thousands of discs and vinyl. We have found rare LPs in his collection and some of our favourite artists, but for me the real joy of these stores is seeing how much time and detail goes into the artwork on the sleeves. Many could be put in a frame and become a centrepiece in your home, but of course you would always want to play it. Most of his stock is second hand, but that just makes the choice even greater…” – Andrew, Weybridge Store.

Earworm Records - York

Earworm Records – York

There have been some great record stores over the years in York. I remember Track Records on High Ousegate… rummaging through the cassettes on a Saturday afternoon. Later there would be Attic Records, which was only a short throw from our Richer Sounds store. Unfortunately they have closed their doors for the final time. We are very lucky however, as the (relatively) new Earworm Records now supplies a whole new generation with top quality music. They describe themselves as stockists of “indie, soul, rock, hip hop, soundtracks and specialising in all things house, techno, disco and the like.” Every time I visit they have a fresh selection of new and second hand records. It’s their enthusiasm, knowledge and amazing ability to supply gems of all descriptions that keeps me going back time and time again. If you’re in York, I’d recommend paying them a visit and picking up a record or two! – Gavin, York store.


The Book and Record Bar, West Norwood

The Book and Record Bar consistently features in many publications’ Best Record Stores lists, and justifiably so. Admittedly it is a short train ride from the nearest Richer Sounds store at London Bridge, but deserves a visit if you’re ever in the area. Having one of the best record stores 2 minutes from my house is quite a dangerous thing. Specialising in hard-to-find records, but stocking everything from new releases to the earliest days of rock’n’roll, they usually have something for everyone. Thanks to their regular radio show, live events, amazing selection of second hand books and much more besides, they are the complete package. – Ian, support office.


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