Wish List: Top 5 – Wireless speakers


Christmas is very nearly upon us, and having a good speaker to play those festive favourites on Christmas morning is surely high on many people’s list. If you don’t want a big hi-fi in the living room, or you need something to listen to while you’re prepping the turkey, we’ve got some fantastic wireless speakers that’ll fill your home full of holiday cheer…

JBL Flip 3 – Along with its parent company Harman, JBL’s recent acquisition by Samsung could find the former making speakers for all manner of mobile devices and TV sets in the future. If that’s the case, then Samsung will be in safe hands, as the Flip 3 proves. Shaped very much like a beverage can, the Flip 3 is a brilliant little Bluetooth speaker that’s big on sound and features. Packing twin drivers into its tiny case, the JBL also has bass radiators at either end, making for a big and bassy performance. The built-in battery is good for up to 10 hours from a full charge, and call answering is available to stop any messing around when a connected mobile phone rings.

Cambridge Audio Go – The Cambridge Audio Go has been around for a few years now and continues to impress all who listen to it. A reasonably small case houses both drivers and a passive radiator, helping to add bottom-end weight without a huge increase in size. A battery life of up to 18 hours from a single charge makes it a truly portable device, and a rear USB allows other devices to connect in for charging on the go too. Bluetooth is obviously here, but a 3.5mm socket is provided for older devices without BT connectivity.
Audio Pro T3 & T5 – Audio Pro are probably the least well known of the manufacturers on our list, but the Swedish company have been making hi-fi products since 1978, and their experience clearly shows. Both the T3 & T5  Bluetooth speaker models picked up 5-star reviews in What Hi-Fi? Magazine, with the T3 walking away with a Product of the Year badge for 2016 to boot. Both utilise a dedicated woofer and twin tweeters, giving a punchy and dynamic sound with plenty of oomph. The T3 has a battery life of up to (a stonking) 30 hours if you keep the volume at half way, but if needed can be used at full volume for a still very impressive 12 hours. Bluetooth 4.0 is a standard on both, but 3.5mm inputs feature just in case. The T5 is the bigger version of the T3, so those with a larger room to fill would do well to check the bigger brother out.
Audio Pro T3
DALI Katch

DALI Katch – Danish Audio Loudspeaker Industries, or DALI for short, have released their first ever Bluetooth portable speaker just in time to make our list! A brilliantly stylish piece of kit, the Katch’s impressive looks are equally matched by its superlative performance. Another recipient of a 2016 What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year award, the Katch is big on detail, sounding closer to a hi-fi speaker than anything else of its size and shape. DALI have squeezed in two speakers, each with soft dome tweeters and a bass radiator, making for a clear and detailed sound with plenty of bass. A battery life of up to 24 hours from a single charge is possible, and DALI made sure that both Bluetooth AptX and NFC are included.

Naim Mu-soNaim Mu-so & Mu-so Qb – Naim’s all-conquering Mu-so speaker rounds off our list, with its smaller brother, the Qb joining the party too! The Mu-so is closer in size to a TV soundbar or sound base, so portability is out of the question. However the Mu-so is SERIOUS when it comes to sound quality. The full-size Mu-so has a six-channel, 450 Watt amplifier under the bonnet – one-channel for each of its six individual speaker units. As close to a “proper hi-fi” as you’ll find in one box, Naim have cut no corners in the pursuit of fantastic sound quality. If the Mu-so is just too big, then the Qb could be right up your street. Pronounced “cube” due to its shape, the Qb still packs in a 300 Watt amplifier, so is certainly no slouch. Both models offer Bluetooth, but most importantly use Wi-Fi and DLNA (as well as AirPlay for Apple devices), meaning wireless streaming in greater quality than is possible from the other models here. Internet radio features, too. Brilliant!

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Author: Chris, Liverpool store