Top Blu-ray releases for September

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Here’s a quick look at some of the biggest blockbusters and some of the lesser-hyped super releases coming to you on Blu-ray this month…

Paul Walker starred alongside Vin Diesel in his final role before sadly passing.

There’s 788 minutes of high-octane thrilling action to be enjoyed with the extensive box-set.

‘Fast & furious 7’ (or 1-7 Box Set)
Universal Pictures UK – Out now!

It’s been some 15 years since the first film was released and rocketed Vin Diesel and Paul Walker into the fuel-injected stratosphere. Now we’re on the seventh incarnation of crime, twists, girls and of course phenomenally epic cars. From pimped out Nissan Skylines to roaring American muscle cars, and even some interesting F1 style vehicles, this series has featured the very finest that the automotive world has to offer. ‘Fast & Furious 7’ features a new cast addition in Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and of course is sadly the last screen role that Walker featured in. If you’re looking to dive head first into the entire series, you now can with the extensive Blu-ray box-set also becoming available.


Robert Downey Jnr. returns as Iron Man for the latest battle to save the world.

Robert Downey Jnr. returns as Iron Man for the latest battle to save the world.

‘Avengers : Age of Ultron’
Walt Disney Studios – Out September 14th

This is the movie that like many, I have been waiting on for a fair few months – especially having missed it at the cinema. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and of course the Hulk are back in the thick of the action when a deranged AI experiment called Ultron goes horribly wrong and begins to threaten the safety of the world… Just once, I mean seriously, just once can we build something or have a super hero movie where humanity doesn’t plunge itself into impending doom?! Apparently not, but it does mean that we can be thankful for some pretty extreme special effects, a roaring sound track, the typical Marvel whimsy and of course, a good lead into the next releases – including Ant Man. It’s one hell of a way to spend an afternoon indoors, especially if you’ve got a Dolby Atmos surround sound system to match it’s jaw-dropping sound track!

The wicked-wit and geeky goofs continue as the hit US sitcom rolls into its 8th season.

The wicked-wit and geeky goofs continue as the hit US sitcom rolls into its 8th season.

‘The Big Bang Theory: Season 8’
Warner Home Video – Out September 14th

Take a few super genius nerds, a cute girl, another smaller cute girl and another girl with absolutely no sense of fashion; throw them altogether in an apartment block and there you have ‘The Big Bang Theory’. It’s become one of the biggest US sitcoms with huge viewing figures across the globe right now and I have to say I’m a huge fan. Sheldon, the overbearing roommate from hell, is still annoying Leonard after many years and the gang show no signs of growing up, despite their new relationships – but are they nicely blossoming or indeed falling apart? It’s mostly lighthearted fun that’s definitely worth popping on for those lazy (or even hungover) Sundays – and if you’ve never even seen it there’s plenty of catching up to do!

Samuel L Jackson is the President of the US... on a mountain, with a kid who has a bow and arrow... naturally.

Samuel L Jackson is the President of the US, on a mountain, being saved by a young hunter… naturally.

‘Big Game’
Entertainment One – Out September 21st

It’s crazy action time now and to sum this movie up I shall try and do so in as few words as possible. Samuel L. Jackson, plays the president of the US, Air-Force One gets shot down but luckily a 13 year old kid finds him in an escape pod. Cue the chaos as the terrorists continue their hunt as Jackson braves the elements to survive. It’s a deliciously thrilling and funny flick in a similar (but perhaps a little better) guise to ‘Snakes on a Plane’. With that in mind you can expect to see Jackson playing a typically comedic President and over the top action scenes galore.


Introducing The Flash - the comic book hero is played by Grant Gustin.

Introducing The Flash – the comic book hero is played by Grant Gustin.

The Flash – Season 1
Warner Home Video – Out September 21st

‘The Flash’ is another superhero that has experienced a remarkable rise back to fame. The DC comic book franchise is building momentum with rumours of a Justice League movie reaching a level of inevitability. Following the success of another DC favourite ‘Gotham’, ‘The Flash’ season 1 begins the story of a young boy who becomes the fastest man on the planet, which eventually leads him to use his powers for the good of mankind. He might be something of a cult favourite but if you enjoy your comic books and classic cartoons it’s a well written, and entertaining incarnation. Season 2 is already hot on its heels due for release in October (Sky 1 for UK viewers), so now’s the perfect time to catch up.

I should also mention a couple of other great box-sets that are due out this month. Look out for ‘Arrow: Season 3’ and even the first 5 seasons of the ‘Walking Dead’ in their entirety with lots of bonus material!

Author – Andrew, Weybridge Store