Top 5: Christmas Movies

Elf The Movie

I picked my favourite Christmas movie from each genre, so there should be something here for everyone! What would be on your list?

Elf – Comedy

Starring Will Ferrell and Zoey Deschannel this classic from 2003 has been a favourite of many. Packed with quick wit and slapstick humour, its perfect for Christmas food comas. Brought up in a world unlike any other, one growing elf is going to become a huge problem. Discovering he might not be who he thought he was, Buddy the Elf goes in search of his real family. As he explores New York he finds friends and foes as he learns how to fit in outside the North Pole.

Love Actually – Romance

A microcosm of society at Christmas this comic romance is cheese at its finest, a cheese board to be more specific, with a glass of brandy that is Bill Nighy on the side. Dipping into the lives of many this movie captures the highs and lows that we all go through at this time of year, while offering joy and hope in true Christmas style. With all the trimmings of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth being unspeakably befuddled, liberal dosages of Rick from Walking Dead looking sad and Liam Neeson finally coming to terms with the loss of a close loved one, it really gets to the heart of what Love Actually is.

Die Hard – Thriller

Finding it hard to get enough Alan Rickman to fill the hole 2016 has left? The romance and comedy of Love Actually not striking the right note this year? Then perhaps a hostage situation filled with daring do and Bruce Willis might tickle your pickle. Follow John McClane as he enjoys the ultimate work Christmas party while Hans Gruber does all in his power to steal next year’s bonus checks.

Nightmare Before Christmas – Animation

Tim Burton’s mad cap Christmas adventure paints a strong picture. Depicting a town without colour or joy it is a chance discovery by the King of Pumpkins, Jack Skellington, that brings a new idea to town. All is not well however as Jack plans to capture Christmas and become the king of that too. While this film is more of a cult classic, it makes a nice contrast to the safe and time honoured traditions of most Christmas movies.

In Bruges – My Choice

One of Martin McDonagh’s finest, this movie spans romance, comedy and drama with a festive sprinkling of snow. Following the inept meanderings of two crooks on a winter holiday, the quiet town of Bruges manages to provide endless entertainment amongst the nooks and crannies. Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell pair so well that the gentle unravelling of the plot brings out a truly emotive performance, only enhanced by Ralph Fiennes’ delicate embellishments as he tries to complete his work commitments before Christmas with the family.

Author: Joe, Bath store