Top games for July 2016

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E3 has come and gone, and a lot of exciting game prospects look to be coming in this year and the next. Unfortunately, with all good news comes bad, and with July looking decidedly empty for game releases it could be a boring month for gamers. Having said that, I think I’ve found some gems for this month that are still worth a look.

Pokémon Go – Due July for iOS and Android

It’s finally here! Since the April Fools Day Google/Pokémon collaboration Pokémon Challenge in 2014, I have been bursting with excitement for an augmented-reality based Pokémon game that lets me use my real-life adventuring to artificially allow me to become a Pokémon trainer. Pokémon Go may be an iOS/Android pay to play style game, which I normally have no excitement for, but it looks to transcend that and become a lifestyle rather than a game. Also, you can buy a Bluetooth wristband to connect to your mobile phone just so everyone knows how serious you are.

Rocket League: Collector’s Edition – Due July 5th for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Rocket League is a great game, taking the speed of racing and mixing in the competitiveness of football to create a perfect blend of high-octane, nail-biting fun. Rocket League has actually been out digitally for almost a year now, but this collector’s edition puts the main game onto a physical disk and also adds all the DLC that’s been released. Definitely a game to pick up if you haven’t experienced the thrill of scoring a bicycle kick with a rocket car.

Carmageddon: Max Damage – Due July 8th for PS4 and Xbox One

I’ll be honest, if you look around most websites and lists, Max Damage seems to be completely absent from July releases, but believe me when I say it’s coming out. From what I can gather it looks to follow in the vein of 2015’s Reincarnation and so should be a fun game that involves you running over cows and pedestrians whilst racing about. I always loved the early Carmageddons and this looks to be a continuation of that formula, and I’m excited to play.

Monster Hunter Generations – Due July 15th for 3DS

The massively popular Monster Hunter Generations has already been out since November in Japan and is finally making its way to our shores in the month of July. It looks to keep a similar style of monster hunting that players have grown accustomed to, but also brings in new ideas such as various fighting styles for each weapon and power moves called Hunting Arts, which sounds like a nice tweak to an already stellar franchise.

So there it is. Like I said, things are a little sparse this month but hopefully these few games should keep you going until August starts to set the Christmas game release schedule rolling. And of course, if you want any help getting the most out of your gaming experience then don’t hesitate to pop into your local store or give us a call to get some grade-A set-up advice.

Author: Hal, Plymouth store