TV Review: LG 65EC970V

lg-oled-tv-EC97-feature-img-detail_33-Mega-Color-PixelOLED and Ultra HD technology – surely this has to be a winner? We take a look at this exciting Curved screen from LG’s fabulous 2015 TV range…

Currently there is only one real name in the OLED market and that is LG. Samsung had a stab at it back in 2013 but will not be releasing an OLED featured model any time soon. The first OLED screen was great but had a few minor flaws to be addressed. However, for true colour imagery and the deepest of black levels, not even the best plasmas were able to go toe to toe with this impressive panel.

For many people the argument has been whether to go for a decent 4K Ultra HD LED screen or invest in a 1080p OLED screen. With the meteoric rise in 4K content becoming available plus even more affordable models, many would ask whether the 1080p format will soon have had its day. But fear no more, as LG have fused the best of both worlds, with this 4K Ultra HD OLED masterpiece.

Following on from the varied success of their first OLED screens (55ec930 & 55EA980) LG appear to have kept their ears to the ground on how to improve them – these models received some scathing reviews about the bleed between colours and the grey scale, not to mention the slightly annoying noise reduction technology.

Impressively thin, the 65EC970V curved screen.

Impressively thin, the 65EC970V curved screen.

The reward for these efforts is plain to see in the 65EC970V, offering crisp and sharp images with no noticeable colour bleed. On top of this fantastic sharpness you will also get the best black levels in the business – due to the independent pixels you get an almost infinite level of black. Film lovers take note, this is perfect for watching movies like the latest ‘Batman’ Trilogy, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Gravity’.

The featured Curved screen is another trend that seems to have swept the market and it will certainly improve the wider viewing angles as well as giving a much better sense of depth perception with greater periphery of vision – great for game lovers, although the 80m/s input lag time is slightly disappointing.

But of course the big test is going to be what you will see when you watch 4K content and in every sense of the word you’ll be blown away by how incredible this TV can look. With USB 3.0 device the content plays smoothly and without flaws, giving you ultra sharp detail with incredible colour and reproduction of the native resolution. Streaming 4K from Netflix or Amazon Prime (both in built apps) you’ll experience the best picture available on the streaming market to date.

To be really picky you could argue that the built-in Harmon Kardon speakers are not quite powerful enough to match such striking images, but this is easily fixed with the simple addition of a good soundbar or indeed a home cinema system to really compliment its high quality nature.

LG’s webOS 1.0 is a little light on catch up services compared to a Samsung or Panasonic TV, but the streaming services are a joy to use especially with the multi-window system – the ability to integrate multiple devices or apps at the same time is a real time saver.

So all in all this could be the premium TV of the future. Once you’ve experienced its 4K Ultra OLED screen nothing will ever seem the same again… Until of course quantum dot technology delivers better blacks, then we will have a true fight on our hands.

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Author: Andrew, Weybridge Store