What Hi-Fi? 2015 Award winners: Pure Evoke D2

Pure Evoke D2

Pure is a name that is very commonly associated with convenient audio technology that almost everyone can find a use for. Specialising mainly in radios, they also offer a range of wireless speakers, docks and associated accessories. The Evoke D2 has been around for a few years now and, after winning a What Hifi? Award for best portable radio under £100 this year, it’s not difficult to see why. So, what’s all the fuss about?

The Evoke D2 presents itself as a neat and classy rectangular box with rounded edges, a walnut veneer and a clean white front panel. The LCD screen, although small, contains all the information you might expect; radio station, artist and song names (for DAB), time, signal strength, volume etc. It’s well laid out and not cramped despite having a lot of text on show. On either side of the screen are 4 preset buttons which are simple to program with the 4th acting as a way to access presets 5 – 10. Underneath the screen is the source button (allowing you to change between the DAB & FM tuners or select the auxiliary 3.5mm jack input) and the menu button. Either side of those are the two dials, one for volume and the other that is used as a selector for the menu and choosing stations. Then taking up the lower half of the front panel is the 3 inch full range speaker driver. On the rear you have a headphone socket, the auxiliary input and optional extras of attaching the D2 to a wall bracket or taking it for a walk with the battery ChargePAK (both sold separately).

Pure Evoke D2

“An excellent unit from radio specialist Pure. Superb value for money.”What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Award Winner 2015

Inside the unit the digital amplifier of 1.6 watts RMS wouldn’t strike you as being able to emit much volume, but the D2 will surprise you with the amount of volume it can throw out. It’s a weighty sound considering the low power of the amp and with the bass and treble options available, you’ll be sure to find a suitable balance for the room that you’re in. Other settings include an alarm that you can set to repeat at weekdays, weekends, daily, Saturday, Sunday or just the once and you can select whether you want an alarm tone or a radio station to wake you up. Also available is a sleep timer to make sure you don’t leave the radio on all night and also a kitchen timer that will count down to remind you that there’s something ready to come out of the oven!

All things considered, there’s a lot on offer from the Pure D2. The sound is nice and well rounded whether it’s a talk show/interview or a helping of Planet Rock, Classic FM or sports commentary. If you need some music in a room you’d be hard pushed to find a better small solution than the Pure Evoke D2.

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Author: Steve, Bristol store