What Hi-Fi? 2015 Award winners: Yamaha RXV379

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Yamaha have always made great receivers, especially at the entry level allowing them to create great units…

If we’re being honest with ourselves, then everyone wants some kind of home cinema setup. The idea of watching all your favourite films without having to leave the home or pay for popcorn is a dream anyone can get on board with. Choosing the right home cinema system can be a tricky trail though with multiple units and price points. The Yamaha RXV379 looks to alleviate some of that awkwardness by being a solid entry level AV receiver at a more than reasonable price.

showimageYamaha has always been able to create impressive entry level amplifiers that hide the fact that they’re the more budget option. The RXV379 is no different boasting a bold front panel with multiple buttons that feel good to press; not too flimsy, and a nice easy to read LED display.

In regards to sound, the RXV379 uses Yamaha’s YPAO auto calibration mic in what is probably one of the simplest auto calibrations around – perfect if you’re just entering the AV market. That’s not to say it’s a primitive system, as the auto setup you get is almost as good as if you calibrated it all yourself, and delivering 70watts per channel (6 ohms) you can get any film up-and-running in next to no time with sound quality that far exceeds the price of the unit.

A good test is always an action film, something with lots of explosions and bass but also good clear dialogue and atmospherics. Having listened to the 379 with ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’, it’s safe to say that it has no issues delivering a full, nicely-separated sound that really elevates the sandstorm scene allowing every individual aspect to come together and create such an immersive experience.

Connection wise the 379 offers you four HDMI input and one output, an optical connection, one USB, two coaxial and three analogue inputs. The component connections are gone, which is something to consider carefully if you have older equipment to connect. A nice new addition though is Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which means you can connect any Bluetooth compatible device to enjoy audio as quickly as you can click connect.

4K pass-through has also been added, with the HDMI 4 input and the HDMI output being HDCP 2.2 compliant, this means that it’s ready for running 4K video through the unit – perhaps the epitome of home cinema enjoyment.

For an entry level home cinema amplifier the Yamaha RXV379 is definitely one of the best, unless you’re running speakers that are hard to drive or you just want more out of your living room, then the 379 is definitely one to surpass expectations at this price point.

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Author – Hal, Plymouth store