Product Review: Dali Rubicon 6

RUBICON-6-002 (new

Whilst every product we stock has its individual merits, occasionally something comes in that sets the standard for jaw-dropping sound – the DALI Rubicon 6 speakers fit this description perfectly!

After four weeks out of the shop listening to a newborn baby scream, I headed straight for the Hi-Fi demo room (my home away from home). I was warmly greeted by the Rubicon 6, resplendent in all their walnut veneer glory. I knew instantly how I was going to be spending the rest of the day!

For the uninitiated, DALI  stands for Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, and as their name suggests they hail from Denmark, where all their speakers are designed and built. Founded in 1983, the brand has risen to fame in recent years for their solid design, fair pricing and all round great sound.

Right off the bat, it’s worth mentioning that they are not cheap, however what they can offer to a system of likeminded components makes them still achieve the tag of ‘good value for money’. If your system is already home to a few high-end products, then the Rubicon 6 are seriously worth auditioning.


Beautiful design, with a rich wood grain finish

Available in four different finishes – High Gloss White, High Gloss Black, Rosso and Walnut – the build and finish quality are superb. We tested a set in walnut, which looked particularly beautiful with the heavy grain of the wood making them look every inch the premium product. DALI’s signature wood-pulp drive units, coupled with the hybrid ribbon tweeter makes the Rubicon 6 stand out from the crowd in every possible way.

Alongside the impeccably engineered internal cabinet, with separate chambers for each drive unit, there is an individual port behind each woofer and strong internal bracing. DALI’s choice of drive units and tweeter are ultimately responsible for creating the awesome sound quality. The hybrid tweeter aims to offer as wide and smooth a treble response as possible, ensuring that gaps in the higher frequencies are not apparent when called upon.

For the midrange and bass drive units, DALI have used their SMC magnet system, first found in the Epicon series (floorstanders from £11,500), which claims to offer enormous reductions in audible distortion. Dali’s expert technicians having utilised “individually coated magnet gradual that make it possible to mold a strong magnet that’s not electrically conductive”. Such attention to detail and quality warrants the hefty price tag.

DALI had kindly supplied us with the first two volumes of their own demonstration CD. The first track on ‘The DALI CD Vol. 3’ is from prodigious veteran Pat Metheny.  Through the Rubicon 6, the delicate playing style was soaked in emotion, genuinely moving in its melancholy. The timbre of Metheny’s guitar was frankly excellent, sounding less like a recording and more like an ‘in-the-room’ experience.

It’s always difficult not to fall into hyperbole when reviewing a product, particularly one of such expense, but the Rubicon 6 deserved the praise that my pen was putting to paper whilst note-taking. Speakers like this allow words like ‘texture’ to be used for musical description, with the music taking on a tangible quality all of its own.

So, it’d be churlish of me to suggest that these speakers are good value in the sense that ‘2 for 1′ supermarket deals are, but the value they do bring is in their sheer joie de vivre, their ability to convey the emotion of all the types of music that make our lives what they are.

If you’re looking to get some ‘end game’ loudspeakers, or even just want to know what the fuss is all about, I’d hugely recommend a listen to these. You won’t regret it!


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Author – Chris, Liverpool Store