Film Review: The Minions Movie

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Following last year’s ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ movie these iconic sub-characters have also won their place on the big screen, but can you have too much of a good thing?

The movie follows Bob, Kevin and Stuart in their evolutionary journey to discover the ultimate villain. Narrated expertly by Geoffery Rush, the format is uncomplicated and a brilliant exploration of character, regardless of how simple it may seem. With a limited vocabulary of various EU languages, and a lot of babble, the three protagonists become deep three-dimensional characters, transcending their position as mere minions at least until the next movie.

Sandra Bullock stars in this latest family hoot.

Sandra Bullock stars in this latest family hoot.

Following through the ages in Minion history, there is plenty for all to enjoy; slapstick comedy is an ageless pleasure and the insightful nods to key moments and trends in our past are informative and tasteful for the adult audience. The play on the Minions’ relationships is also very clever, without language there is no indication if these characters are brothers or just friends, which allows you to project a deeper level of personal empathy onto their interactions.

There was definitely a place for this story – these little yellow blobs have such a cult following, but in its own right it doesn’t hold up to the previous two films. Having immensely enjoyed the entire escapade I did come away with the sense it was still only a high quality bonus reel for the main event. It was certainly funny and at one point surprisingly frightening for a children’s animation, but it lacked the pathos of the first Despicable Me and the well developed romance of the sequel.

As fans of the series we knew where the plot was going from the start, the ride was good but we got off right back where we began and with a long wait for something new.

I would summize that the film was an easy watch with no massive flaws. If you are a Minion lover or want a good film for the kids you will not be disappointed, but for most people it won’t be the must see of the month. Having said that, it’s definitely worth picking up on Blu-ray or DVD when the time comes.


Author – Joe, Bath Store