Product Review: Orbitsound M10


We take a look at a quality British-made TV soundbar that we’re glad to see back in our stores…

I’m going to be frank, I think that Orbitsound are a great company. Not only do they still believe in the might of British manufacturing but they are also extremely good at making fantastic sound for very little money and from a very small unit.

We’ve had the M9LX TV soundbar in our stores for quite a while now and we used to stock this bar, the Orbitsound M10, back in 2014, so I’m very happy to see it return for a number of reasons.

The Orbitsound M10 and wireless sub.

The Orbitsound M10 and wireless sub (not actual size).

Firstly, it’s size. This unit is perfect for those who are looking for an improvement on their TV speakers but without all the kerfuffle of more than a metre long soundbar and a sub attached to it that they have difficulty positioning. This time round there’s a main bar unit with dimensions no bigger than 50cm in width, 9cm in height and 10 cm in depth. This means it can fit nicely in front of most TVs without intruding on the picture as well as being comfortable enough to sit inside an AV cabinet. The subwoofer is totally wireless so you can place this anywhere around the room giving a bit more of a user friendly vibe.

From a speaker perspective, the bar features 4 driver units down the main array but also incorporates 2 speakers in either side of the bar to maintain a nice stereo field wherever you are sitting in relation to it. This falls down to their SST (Spatial Sound Technology) system meaning everyone gets to hear the sweet spot of this terrific little unit. The bass driver is a 6.5″ woofer that packs plenty of punch to give a great bottom end for your musical needs and of course the low grumble for your action movies.

In terms of connectivity the usual suspects are present so you have an optical input to run from your TV, PVR or Blu-ray player and also two analogue inputs in the form of a 3.5mm headphone jack and RCA (or phono) inputs for legacy audio equipment, CD players and tape decks etc. There is also the latest generation of Bluetooth build in (APT-X) so you can stream high quality files through this bar in order to really get the best out of your stored music.

The build quality is superb. The main bar is made from wood rather than a typical plastic you would expect in a ‘budget’ soundbar and this has a huge affect on the sound. It’s much warmer and deeper than its nearest rivals and you also get that sense of build quality from it. The sub is also built to house the woofer in its own reflex cabinet and has a matt finish to ensure that if you do accidentally knock it then it won’t cause too much of a mark.

I do like this little bar and playing rock music through it at full volume is a delight as well as settling down to a nice evening of adventure movies allowing the audio to fill the room nicely and envelope you in a great amount of detail without draining your hard earned cash. I can’t really fault this bar.

To find out more about the Orbitsound M10, click here.

Definitely worth popping into your local store and having a demo, or for more information you can call our telesales team on 0333 900 0093.

Author – Andrew, Weybridge store