Product Review: Onkyo TXSR343

Another little AV gem from Onkyo’s 2015 AV receiver range…

Onkyo’s line of AV receivers for this year have been extremely hard to ignore. With almost all of their amps now being Dolby Atmos capable it has propelled them back into the “serious contender” section of our AV selection and for good reason.

The TX SR343 is the entry level receiver from Onkyo and is certainly offering a lot of bang for its buck so let’s dive into some of its features.

What we have here is a no nonsense 5.1 AV receiver capable of powering your usual front and rear speakers as well as a subwoofer. You will also see an aerial input to allow you to listen to FM and AM radio stations. You can also attach up to 7 normal audio inputs via RCA (or phono) cables so you have a great selection to use to hook up your CD player or other legacy devices.

The TXSR343 from Onkyo.

The TXSR343 from Onkyo.

You have at your disposal, 4 HDMI inputs as well as a single output all of which are up to the latest standards for 4K passthrough, known as HDCP 2.2. This means any true 4K source material will pass directly through the amp and be displayed as it should be on your 4K TV.

There is also the latest version of Bluetooth built into this unit so you can stream any media content from your smart device directly to the amp and play it out through your speakers. You also have the choice of many different configurations for speakers, such as stereo or full surround, to play this music from.

Backing up all the inputs you have a 65W per channel amp giving you plenty of drive to keep those of us who enjoy larger speakers loud and proud. The clarity is excellent and it sounds like they have had a couple of the guys in who helped on the A9010 stereo amplifier as it has good top end sharpness but also a very controlled and impressive bass tone.

At the soul of this receiver however, lies its trump card. A Burr Brown dac can be found which is making sure that any low quality music is upsampled and given the best possible remastering and at the same time ensuring that high resolution audio is also to the best of its ability.

You are going to struggle to find a budget amp with as many features as this one and certainly will be appealing to those who are stepping into AV receivers for the first time. My only qualm is the loss of Atmos but then that’s why they have the TXNR444 and above.

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Author – Andrew, Weybridge store