Demo Song: Limit To Your Love – James Blake

Limit to your love

Despite its limited chart success, this melodic post-dubstep tale of two tracks is an excellent test of range for hi-fi speakers. Starting out with crisp, spacious piano chords accompanied by Blake’s delicately powerful vocals – things suddenly come over all bottom-heavy. Listen carefully at this point, as the vocals continue, you should be able to clearly hear beyond the metronomic drum track to the occasional snapping of fingers through the left channel.

The track continues in this way, alternating between the simple midrange of the piano and the woofer-busting dubstep-style bass that springs to life every minute or so. If the system you’re demoing can handle it at a reasonable volume without drowning everything else out, you may be onto a winner!

What are your favourite tracks for running a new system in? Do you agree with our choice? Comment below!

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