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Audio Technica are one of hi-fi’s longest established brands, starting life in Japan in 1962 making cartridges for turntables. In this, their 53rd year, the brand still remains faithful to vinyl, with their range of cartridges, styli and of course turntables. Their latest is set to become a budget wonder…

Meet the LP60USB. First things first, the last three letters at the end of that model number signify one of the decks key features: USB connectivity. If you’re one of the old guard of vinyl collectors with a rare set of out-of-print records that you can’t bear to drop a stylus on to, the USB feature is a godsend.

The LP60USB from Audio Technica.

The LP60USB from Audio Technica.

Simply plug the turntable into a PC or Mac, fire up the supplied software and you’re away! A brilliant way to make sure that you’re collection is archived for the future, and also a fantastic way of listening to your records on the go.

Apart from that, the LP60 is a straight-forward record player. Its cabinet is slightly less than full width, making it fairly easy to site. A handy cover is included to keep any dust off the stylus! Capable of playing 33 or 45 speed records, this automatic deck can switch between speeds at the touch of a button. A phono stage is built in, allowing easy hook-up to any amplifier, and the supplied Moving Magnet cartridge is one of Audio Technica’s own in-house designs.

Whilst the supplied RCA cables are hardwired, Audio Technica have supplied RCA – 3.5mm adaptors, which make hooking the deck up to a pair of active speakers (such as the Tibo Plus 3) easy as pie, giving a tidy, minimalist set-up.

So then, a fantastic turntable, with great sound and usability, for an equally fantastic price!

If you’re new to vinyl or just looking for a great budget turntable, why not pop into your local Richer Sounds store for a demo or call our friendly Telesales team on 0333 900 0093 for more information on our huge hi-fi range.

To find out more about the LP60USB, click here.

Author – Chris, Liverpool store

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  1. Will this turntable play through to my sonos system in order to use them as speakers

    • Hello Mark, thanks for your enquiry. It will work, but with a few things to bare in mind.

      In order to connect it to a Sonos set-up you will need one of the following:
      a PLAY:5 & a cable to turn the red/white RCA plugs into a 3.5mm headphone style jack. This is because the PLAY:5 has a different type of input to the cable that’s attached to the turntable.
      a Sonos CONNECT
      a Sonos CONNECT:AMP

  2. Hi Ian,will I be able to plat this turntable through my Bose 10.
    Kind regards Pat

    • Hello Patrick,
      Much like the SONOS PLAY:5, the Bose 10 features a 3.5mm AUX input. You will be able to connect the turntable, but will need a cable to change the red & white RCA phono plugs into the headphone style 3.5mm jack plug, which connects to the Bose 10.

      The technical name for such a cable is a “female twin RCA to male stereo 3.5mm audio lead”.

      Many thanks,