Product Review: Audio Pro Addon C10 Wireless Music System

Recently I took a look at the Addon C5 and how it symbolised Audio Pro’s foray into the world of multiroom systems. Now I’m moving my attention to its larger counterpart the Addon C10 to see just how it compares to its smaller compatriot.

As the opening implied, the C10 is one of multiple speakers that you can add into the Audio Pro multiroom system utilising the robust app control to create a system that, in my opinion, may one day rival Sonos. As well as being part of the multiroom system, it also has myriad of other connections including Airplay and Bluetooth as well as RCA connection and a 3.5mm input. Bluetooth allows you to utilise it even if you have no internet connection available, and the analog inputs allow you to connect a multitude of devices such as MP3 players and even some turntables. It even has a subwoofer output for if you really want to rattle your windows.

Sound wise, the C10 builds on what the C5 can do and adds some spice to it. Because of this, I decided to use the same music I had tested before and went for Carpenter Brut’s Trilogy album. Much like before, I was greeted to a near perfect rendition of one of my go-to albums with cascading and frantic noise being held together with an almost orchestral skeleton flowing in between deep guttural bass and mind melting treble… only this time I felt more involved in the music as it was playing. I think a major part of this is not just the increased wattage (double!) but also the improved frequency range and crossover as well as it being physically larger than its smaller counterpart. All of these factors combined give you something that isn’t just sleek looking and modern but also something that has an insanely accurate representation of audio when you consider that this is still technically a small wireless speaker.

On top of great sound, great design and great wireless connectivity the C10 (like the C5) also allows you to stream whatever you connect physically into it to any of your other Audio Pro multiroom speakers dotted around the house. This of course means you can connect your turntable up to the C10 and then, utilising the app, stream it to your other speakers without the need to buy a separate expensive bit of kit. For me, that makes this thing an absolute bargain.

The more I look at it, the more and more I think that we may finally be looking at the company to take the idea of multiroom and run with it to such a degree that Sonos gets worried…and even if they don’t, Audio Pro still have the best sounding wireless speakers on the market for my money.

If you would like to try this speaker out for yourself, please contact your local Richer Sounds store to arrange a demonstration.

Click to find out more about the Audio Pro Addon C10.

Author: Hal, Plymouth store

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  1. How does the addon c10 (or c5) compare to the Apple Homepod & also the naim Muso QB? Not sure which one to get.

    • Hi Rob,

      All of the products you mentioned have different functionalities, as well as different levels of sound quality and of course price. Due to the variables and personal taste, it’s quite difficult to give a recommendation here. Your best bet is to pop in or call your local Richer Sounds ( and test these units out for yourself, as hearing is believing! One of our in-store colleagues will be more than happy to help find the perfect solution for your needs.