Product review: Audio Pro Addon C5 Wireless Music System

Audio Pro are a manufacturer that, in my opinion, not enough people know about and after spending about two years talking about the Addon Pro T3 and how good it is, I’m excited for the Addon C5 model and all it entails. Hopefully it’s as good as the latter with some new tricks to set it apart…

Straight out the gate it comes with a feature that instantly skyrockets it past its predecessors and into modern day technology and that is the addition of multiroom functionality. Multiroom has been the big meal ticket for audio manufacturers and for Audio Pro to finally coming into the fray, I’m excited to have something that can possibly reach the hefty height of Sonos.

As far as apps go, the Audio Pro is a solid competitor. It’s fast and responsive and gives you a multitude of different streaming services, on top of this it was simple to use with a concise layout and as I tested it I came across no bugs or glitches and was able to listen to music stress free. I won’t talk too much about the app but just know that whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’ll be able to handle it with relative ease. Another great feature is that if you have any of the previous Audio Pro Bluetooth speakers, you can easily integrate them via the app using the C5 speaker as the link between the two. That means that you can use the portable T3 and T5 (among others) for a multiroom system with portable capabilities… perfect for all the garden parties or barbecues!

Now let’s talk sound. I’m a firm believer in testing speakers with a heavy dose of electronic music, so I opted to blast out some Carpenter Brut and see just what kind of sound I could look forward to. To no great surprise, I found the C5 to be just as good as previous Audio Pro iterations, giving me a perfect balance of heady orchestral style synth whilst at the same time pushing out guttural and grating low range base frequencies, perfect for what I prefer to listen to. Don’t worry if that’s not your style though, as a quick blast of Pink Floyd and a friend’s approval showed me that it can handle almost anything you can think to throw at it.

Design-wise there’s a few changes but it still keeps up the minimalist ideas that Audio Pro have showcased with their speakers over the years, looking like something that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Swedish designer’s studio apartment, but still easily slots into all incarnations of UK design sensibilities. What I’m trying to say here is that it looks nice.

For me, the Addon speakers have always been the best in their range in regards to sound quality, and now with multiroom functionality they’re better than ever and the C5 is the perfect starting point if you want to join the multiroom revolution.

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Author: Hal, Plymouth store