Product review: Toshiba 43U6763 TV

It’s been a long time since Japanese manufacturer Toshiba have been part of our arsenal here at Richer Sounds, but with 4K televisions more affordable than ever before, it’s no wonder that they have stepped up to the plate with a fantastic value set!

I’m here to discuss the 43U6763, which is Toshiba’s entry level 4K television. 4K, as some of you may know, is no longer the new kid on the block. It’s not a fad like 3D, it has become a fully adopted screen technology that is here to stay and it’s finally becoming recognised as the industry standard for televisions today. Offering the full 2160p required for the 4K mantle, the 6763 is a Smart television that ticks all the right boxes and likely won’t break the bank.

At first glance, the set looks trim with a nice low profile centre stand, and a very sleek slim bezel. While the 6763 is not the slimmest set on the market, from the front it’s still very impressive, plus that extra beef at the rear of the TV means the Toshiba actually packs a decent sound for a 2017 television, at a time when thinner screens equate to a thinner sound.

Tucked in to the side of the set are four HDMI inputs and 3 USB sockets (one of which is USB 3.0) and for those of you still using VHS players or older equipment, there’s great news as well.


The 6763 boast a SCART socket, a rarity on most current sets, so you’ll be able to use some older hardware without the need for an adaptor. And of course, there is a host of dedicated audio inputs, such as stereo out, a 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as a digital optical connection, should you wish to give the sound a kick in the right direction with a soundbar!

Setting up the Toshiba was very straight forward with its extremely clear and concise set up menu. It was up and running in no time, and my first port of call was the Smart interface, which once set up via wifi was very intuitive. I quickly got my head around where everything was and had a quick play with the Freeview Play option built with in the electronic programme guide (EPG).

Freeview Play gives users the option of going in to their (EPG) and going back a week on what they have missed via online channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5. As well as the usual catch up services the Toshiba also boasts a full web browser, which, as is always the case, was a little slow but still usable. There are also applications for chargeable subscription services such as Amazon Video and even Netflix. For those of you who are a little more tech savvy the 6763 also has a dedicated Miracast app, allowing Android users to mirror their phone directly on to the televisions.

Rather than setting up the little Toshiba to our usual £3000 demo set up, I opted for a modest 4K Blu-ray player and a copy of Planet Earth II in 4K. Overall, the Toshiba was quite impressive considering its price point. While it’s not the brightest screen on the market and certainly benefited from a darker environment, I was very impressed with the performance. The colours were vibrant and movement was handled extremely well, better than some much pricier models. Overall the 43U6763 is a brilliant TV, and would be a very happy addition to most living rooms and bedrooms!

We always recommend seeing televisions in person before you buy, so please give your local store a call to arrange a demo!

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store

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  1. I just brought myself the Toshiba 43U6763 LED TV. 43 inch is an ideal size, video quality is sharp and it comes at a very affordable price. I highly recommend this TV <3