Product review: Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Network Music Player

Cambridge Audio builds on an already fantastic framework to deliver an incredible network music player in the CXN V2.

Digital music changed the game when it arrived on the scene. In the early days, tiny MP3 files made it possible to carry thousands of songs on devices that fit easily in your pocket. The biggest downside to this was the loss in audio quality. Compressing files to a smaller size resulted in a marked degradation in sound, particularly in the higher frequencies which ended up sounding harsh and brittle. However, MP3 isn’t the only digital format for music; AIFF, WAV, and FLAC are all lossless formats, meaning nothing is lost due to compression (resulting in much larger file sizes). These files deliver a CD or better-than-CD sound, which is a must for any discerning audiophile. And for those folks, they’ll want a serious bit of kit, so I’m here to talk about the Cambridge Audio CXN V2 network music player, which really is a masterpiece.

With an incredible sleek brushed metal finish in silver or black and a beautiful full colour 4.3-inch LCD screen for any beautiful album art you may have to accompany your music, the CXN fits in nicely with the entire Cambridge Audio CX range, with those beautiful assertive curves and edges. I’m by no means an artist, but to me the CXN looks just perfect. Even when its paired with a different non-matching Amplifier it stills works incredibly well with most units. A quick glance at the little LCD display, offers you all the key information such as track numbers/names and of course artist name. Whilst the screen isn’t going to rival your OLED phone screen, its still pretty impressive. Spin the CXN around and we’re greeted with all the usual suspects such as digital optical inputs and outputs as well as coaxial, dedicated ethernet port and some very welcome balanced XLR outputs.

Not only does the CXN feature increased power which refines your digital music experience, they have also upped their digital catalog. The CXN V2 promises to play almost anything you can throw at it; as well as all the major audio formats the V2 introduces Mpeg-Dash and HLS compatibility which offers yet more high quality audio and refined internet radio, offering up to 320kbps on some stations!

The V2 also supports all the major streaming services, such as Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, DLNA via a dedicated NAS drive as well as Bluetooth when paired with the optional BT100 dongle. Also, Cambridge have promise us full Tidal support via a firmware update in the future, which is brilliant news for those of us who want a truly high-resolution audio option.

Taking in consideration the immense success of the first generation of the CXN, there is no doubt in my mind that the second generation will blow you away with this array of incredible improvements.

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store

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  1. Hi I have a stream magic 6 v2 which I bought from your Solihull branch . Do you offer px please ?