Product Review: Canton DM55 and DM100


The success of their DM50 and DM75 sound bases helped transform German manufacturer Canton into a seriously respected brand on these shores. Now they’re set to release the replacements for both award winners, in the form of the DM55 and DM100

Starting with the DM55, Canton have made modest changes to this new iteration, but they look set to be worthwhile. It’s a little easier on the eye (and it was already one of the nicest models out there in my opinion) thanks to its new gloss top panel, but the case is just as solid as its predecessor, able to hold TV sets weighing up to 40kg (although this is also screen size dependent).

In the DM100 (pictured above) the change is bigger, moving from the 75cm width of the DM75 to a full 100cm (in case you didn’t guess by the name). This is perfect for the latest generation of TVs that have their supporting feet much further apart than in previous years. Whilst it’ll still take only 40kg of weight, the DM100 is far better suited to large screens.

The smaller sound base of the two, the DM55 still offers 200w of power.

The smaller sound base of the two, the DM55 still offers 200w of power.

Underneath the cover, both models feature Canton’s own bespoke soft dome tweeters to really get to grips with dialogue for films and TV programmes alike. Bass should be plentiful as well, with both boxes featuring dual 100 mm subwoofers that are capable of dropping to a hefty 35hz.

Optical and coaxial inputs are available for connecting to any modern TV or digital source, and an AUX input is on hand for those older products that still require them. Phone and tablet users are provided with Bluetooth connectivity, making the two sound bases perfect for streaming music as well.

There’s a welcome return in the three adjustable sound modes that help to provide the best sound regardless of where you place your speaker, as do the options to output in straight stereo or replicate surround sound.

One of the nicest features of the previous series was the solid remote control that came with it – rather than the cheap ‘credit card’ style remotes that often gets tossed in with less premium products. Canton have provided a wand of their own creation that’s solid and responsive to use and adds to the high-end feel of these products.

Awards season is not too far away and Canton will no doubt be hoping that it’s not too late for their latest models to be in the running. Judging by the spec and the sound performance they certainly look set to make a big splash again this time around.

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Author – Chris, Liverpool store