Product review: Eltax Monitor ATM Atmos speakers

Eltax delivers a smashing speaker to get the most from Dolby Atmos in the form of the Monitor ATM.

Dolby Atmos has become the go to standard for most AV systems in 2018 and moving forward not much is changing. Those of you already familiar with Dolby Atmos will understand how the technology works, but for those that don’t, it involves using either ceiling-mounted or upwards-firing speakers to project sound above your head, creating an immersive experience that aims to replicate the cinema experience in the home. A ‘standard’ configuration would a 5.1.2 set up; 5 speakers around the room act in a conventional surround sound method, your subwoofer is the “.1”, with the extra “.2” referring to the ‘height’ speakers.

Ideally, Atmos speakers should be mounted in the ceiling above the user’s head for an optimal experience, or mounted firing downwards from a nearby wall. But what about those of us who cant go hacking holes in the ceiling, or just simply don’t want to?

This is where the Eltax Monitor ATM Atmos speakers shine. Rather than firing down on its subject, they are upwards-firing dedicated Dolby Atmos speakers, sitting on top of your left and right front speakers, and bounce sound off of your ceiling to take care of the Atmos sounds that give a sense of height. Bouncing the sound off the roof and down on to the subject upward firing speakers are becoming a fan favourite for those of us looking for the best cinema sound without destroying out ceilings or walls.

Eltax have been in the speaker game for years and like any other component in your cinema set up an Atmos speaker should be treated with as much importance as any other. It’s often easy to skimp on FX speakers but they are doing quite an important job! Equipped with a 5” driver and soft dome tweeter, the Eltax Monitor offers a fantastic Atmos experience and really does a fantastic job at impersonating physical speakers above the user. Once set up the Dolby Atmos experience really is an incredible set up and you’ll wonder just how you managed without all these years!

If you’re interested in adding extra depth and realism to your home cinema system, then please feel free to give us a call or pop in to your nearest Richer Sounds store for a full demonstration!

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store