Product review: JBL Bar Studio 2.0 TV soundbar

JBL delivers a sleek and simple solution to improve stock TV sound with the Bar Studio.

It’s no big secret that the quality of TV sound is becoming somewhat lacklustre, and unfortunately as long as manufacturers are attempting to make thinner and thinner TV sets the sound is only going to get worse. With the exception of some very high end sets that have new and exciting ways to push sound in to your room (some manufactures removing the speakers altogether), a soundbar is likely the best compromise

This isn’t a huge ploy created by TV manufacturers to sell you more stuff, it’s just a compromise that has to be made if consumers want the thinnest TVs possible. Speakers need room to move, and in modern TVs room is at a premium. While most on-board TV speakers will do the job, if you’re after something a little more, a soundbar will sound 100% better.

The market is flooded with bars/bases in all different shapes and sizes, but I’m here to talk about JBL’s latest offering the Bar Studio, a sleek, small and simple little standalone bar that fits in very nicely in front of most televisions. The Bar Studio offers a 2.0 sound with a dual bass port design meaning that it doesn’t require a big subwoofer to be hidden in your home. Using the JBL Surround Technology, the Bar Studio bounces sound off the walls of your home to create the illusion of surround without all the pesky wires and additional speakers.

As with most soundbars nowadays, the JBL Bar Studio features Bluetooth aptX, meaning that any music either you or your friends and family have on a tablet, smartphone or laptop can be sent wirelessly via Bluetooth straight the Bar without the need for any cables or third party bits of kit. This is great as it means you don’t require a second Bluetooth speaker in the room, with the Bar doubling up as a soundbar and a music centre.

It features an array of different connections to cover pretty much every TV on the planet. There’s HDMI ARC which is very popular nowadays as this feature will give users one remote control to control the soundbar, meaning you don’t have to faff around using two different remotes to control your TV. There’s also a dedicated digital optical input, which deals with sound only and is a more popular choice for soundbar users. And if all else fails, there’s even a trust 3.5mm headphone, so every base is covered!

Taking the small size of the Bar Studio into consideration it’s incredibly impressive with the sound it produces. On more than one occasion customers have assumed the sound was coming from a much larger bar we have nearby, which is a nice compliment for the JBL. Some smaller units tend to sound quite restricted due to their size, but the JBL offers a very spacious sound with an incredible sound stage and the dual subwoofer built inside offers plenty of low end without shaking the house to pieces.

If you’re looking for a sleek, well-built great sounding alternative to stock TV sound, then the JBL Bar Studio should certainly be on your shopping list. Why not pop into any one of our Richer Sounds locations for a full demonstration and you can be your own judge!

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