Product review: Sony WF1000X Wireless Headphones

Sony delivers a truly wireless top performer.

I feel like I’ve been down this road a thousand of times in the past few years. It’s not a boring road as such, I just keep seeing the same thing over and over with maybe the odd change here and there. You probably have no idea what I’m talking about so I’ll get to it. I’m talking about wireless headphones. They’re literally everywhere and it seems I see a new pair released almost daily so to get me excited, they really need to be something special. Something different about them. When I walk down that road I want to not just see change, but I want to wowed.

Well, Sony may have just done that and stopped me in my tracks with its WF1000X in-ear wireless headphones.

First of all when I say wireless, I mean just that. There are no wires here. Usually a pair of in-ear ‘wireless’ headphones will usually come with a cable connecting the two headphones or something similar. But not with the WF1000X. All we have are two brilliantly designed wireless headphones that fit snugly in your ear. Oh and included are 6 pairs of different shaped buds just in case the ones attached don’t fit as comfortably as you’d like.

The WF1000X comes in black and gold.

Now before I get on with how they sound I must make you aware of the quite unique way in which these charge. The WF1000X come with a case, which itself needs charging, that charges the headphones. That’s right. The headphones will last for up to 3 hours of playback on a single charge and if you want to listen to them for longer, you’ll need to pop them into the case which will will give you up to another 6 hours of playback. I’d prefer something a bit more simplistic but as these are completely wireless, I guess that comes at a cost.

So once charged I pair them up to my iPhone via my bluetooth settings but you can download the free Sony headphones app and connect them this way. The app will also allow you to change some settings and sound modes but I didn’t bother too much with that as they seemed to sound pretty spectacular right out of the box.

These little beauts are clear as can be and the bass is full enough to handle the nastiest of tracks. Even when walking around furiously they stay in my ears with little fuss and the sound quality doesn’t differ. They’re still great. Oh and the noise cancellation that Sony boast about? Well, that’s pretty decent too. It blocks out other music that’s playing in the shop but still doesn’t degrade the most important thing about a pair of headphones, how they sound.

What’s the point in a beautiful looking quirky set of truly wireless headphones if they sound like a tin can right? Well, the WF1000X sound fantastic so if you fancy getting yourself a pair of these little diamonds then just contact your local Richer Sounds today.

Click to find out more about the Sony WF1000X.

Author: Bradley, Plymouth store

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