Product review: JBL Clip 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Portable, waterproof sound that goes everywhere – even the shower!

Recently I reviewed a great little product in the JBL Go. It was a minute, portable Bluetooth speaker that had no real drawbacks at such a competitive price. I mentioned that it was easy to carry around with you and a great solution for your portable music. Well we have another product from JBL here today in the JBL Clip 2 Bluetooth speaker.

It’s similar to the Go in that it’s a lightweight, small Bluetooth speaker. But whereas the the Go was a robust and solid speaker, the Clip is something entirely different. It’s just 141 x 94 x 42mm in size and weighs next to nothing at 184g. But what exactly is Clip? Well the clue is in the name here as it’s a small speaker covered in fabric that can literally clip onto anything with it’s carabiner-style clip. But the main thing you’re going to want to use the Clip for is in the shower…. that’s right, the shower, because the Clip is not just moisture proof, it’s waterproof. You can literally submerge the Clip in water and it will still carry on performing admirably. It will still connect to your Bluetooth source and play without any issues. Although it’s recommended that you don’t submerge it for too long as this could cause issues in the future. However you can still take it into the shower and it will stream perfectly well and it’s fabric exterior will handle the water without any issues.

It’s a really great little speaker and fills a hole in the market. A lot of people will take a portable Bluetooth speaker and leave it somewhere whilst they shower. This could prove dangerous as most speakers wont be able to handle the moisture in a bathroom, let alone actually water splashing all over it. This is where the Clip comes into its own as once charged, you can get 8 hours of audio playback. More than enough to keep you going throughout the week without having to worry about it running out of juice.

So I guess that’s all well and good but what if it sounds terrible? Well, I’m pleased to say sound quality isn’t an issue here either. Considering it has a fabric exterior over a rubber casing, you may not think it will sound all that good but you’d be wrong. It’s impressive and pretty powerful. You can run a shower on to its maximum power setting and you can still heard the speaker performing well over the noise the shower makes. It’s definitely a great option if you want that music in your bathroom without the health and safety risk!

Pop down to your local Richer Sounds to check it out. You’ll be impressed.

Click here to learn more about the JBL Clip 2

Author: Bradley, Plymouth store