Product review: KEF Q50A Atmos speakers

KEF’s new Atmos speakers add new dimensions to movies.

Those of you with an understanding of surround sound, and even those of you who are just starting to learn about it will likely have seen the name ‘Dolby Atmos’ being thrown around, and for good reason too! It’s a very exciting time to jump into the world of home cinema, with newer and better technologies able to fire sound around your living room or cinema space.

Dolby Atmos offers the user full 360 degree sound experience. Without any witchcraft, sound is literally fired over your head to give the viewer an incredibly cinematic experience. Traditionally, this is done with dedicated ceiling speakers. Now, I know what you’re thinking; “If I go cutting a pair of 6-inch holes in the ceiling, someone is going to be sleeping on the sofa for the rest of the week.”

Well fear not! Hi-Fi and audio-visual giants KEF have solved your issue with the Q50A Dolby Atmos surround sound speaker, a high end well-priced dedicated upward firing Atmos speaker that’s bound to put a smile on everyone’s face. A quick glance at these funky and yet oddly beautiful speakers can seem quite confusing. The strange angle these speakers sit at is designed to very precisely fire sound above your head towards the ceiling and bounce it back down to the audience, giving you that incredible 360 degree sound, without the mess (and possible divorce)!

Although similar products have existed for a while, some manufacturers seem to consider the humble Atmos speaker as a non-important speaker, treating them as a bit of an afterthought. Well, KEF are here to tell you that’s incorrect. They are incredibly important. If you’re buying into an Atmos set up, then what’s the point in cutting corners with second rate sound that only offers you half of the detail? Inside the Q50A speakers are KEF’s incredible Uni-Q drivers, offering hi-fi quality helicopter sounds and over-the-top Hollywood explosions like you’ve never heard before, all wrapped in the same seamless beautiful cabinet as there entire Q series range. Not a single corner has been cut by KEF in the making and overall sound of these speakers.

Don’t fall at the last hurdle and fork out for an incredible up to date Dolby Atmos AV receiver and a super high end 5.1 speaker package, then opt for some cardboard cutout Atmos speakers. Your system is as good as its weakest point after all!

If you wants to hear this incredible technology for yourself, or you still have some questions, why not call or come by your nearest Richer Sounds today?

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store