Product review: LG LH604V TV range


Ultra HD TVs are all the rage nowadays; having an ever increasing amount of content ready for all to watch at the touch of a button. But what about if you don’t want the extra outlay Ultra HD would involve? Maybe you have a secondary room, or you just want your main TV to be a trusty 1080p set? Well, it looks like LG have got you covered…

LG consistently make really good HD panels, ones that for the money can do much more image wise than you’d think would be possible. The LH604 series (click here to view the entire LH604V range) is another such LG series that takes the notion of a great 1080p smart panel and runs with it.

Image wise the LH604V uses direct LED lighting, runs a 100Hz processor (900PMI) and uses LG’s Triple XD Engine, which give the TV a decent depth of colours and dynamic range – but also allows for a decent amount of clarity and good motion for almost all images. From watching this TV on a day to day basis you can really see that for normal TV viewing it rarely struggles with anything, throwing out accurate colours that are not overly saturated or sharp. On top of that it also has a great motion handling, even the most demanding images normal TV has to offer, namely football and motor racing both of which I haven’t had issues with. The most recent viewing on it having been the cricket which looked sharp had a great contrast between all the green and the uniforms of the players and had no issues keeping up with balls being whaled out for six.

bodySmart-wise LG have stuck with their webOS system, this year upgrading it to 3.0. For me LG’s operating system for Smart has always been one of the quickest and 3.0 is no exception; still boasting the same amount of speed but adding features such as split screen viewing and the ability to use the TVs speaker system as a wireless speaker via an app. Both of these new additions are pretty big ones. Split screen allows you to do things like watch a Blu-ray and live TV at the same time (if your anything like me and have a short attention span this is just the thing to keep you involved) and being able to play music through the TV (even when its off) is something nice if you ever have friends around and just want music or you just want to rest your eyes but not be in complete silence.

One other exciting thing that LG has is its Magic Mobile connection, which in short means that if you have an Android device you can download an app that allows you to stream anything from your phone to your TV. That includes apps, photos, videos and anything else that you may have on your device. For me that’s a real cool functionality to have and with word of an iOS update coming soon it’s something that almost all users will be able to have fun with.

To round up, the LG LH604v series of TVs are really solid 1080p Smart TVs and if that’s what you’re looking for then you could spend your money in far worse ways. Click here to find out more about the whole range.

If that is the case and you’d like something with a little more power then don’t hesitate to visit you local store or get in contact with them via a quick phone call (click here for our store finder).

Author – Hal, Plymouth store

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  1. IS the LH604 series really 100hz ? many forums and reports online indicare it is 50hz.
    Plus your article is not correct regarding PMI at 2000hz.. This TV has a PMI of 900hz !

    in fact in order to be sure it is 100hz…you must check if the TV has dejudder in its menu? can you please confirm this on both the 32″ and 49″ models ?

    • Hi there,
      Good spot, the PMI is actually 900. This has now been corrected, thanks for bringing it to our attention!
      I can confirm that the panel is 100Hz and you won’t have to worry about dejudder.
      I hope this helps.
      All the best,