Product review: LG OLED evo C3 4K Smart TV Range

LG’s OLED technology has become the gold standard for TV screens, so much so that other leading manufacturers began buying it for their own products.

In 2021, LG came up with OLED evo, a technology which uses LG’s own special processor (designed specifically for OLED screens) and advanced algorithms to provide that previously elusive brightness ‘pop’. Here’s where we bring in our featured TV for this blog, the LG OLED C3 (aka the C34LA).

Winner of more awards than Ben-Hur, Titanic and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, put together (OK, we’re guessing here!), LG’s C-class OLED range has long been a favourite of reviewers and customers alike – and it’s not hard to see why. Watch your favourite movie on the OLED C3 and you’ll really appreciate the picture’s excellence, with its superb colour realism and super-smooth motion.

LG OLED C series has long been the go-to TV for console gaming. The OLED technology delivers an incredible 0.1 ms response time for clear detail in fast motion, plus incredibly low (read: competitive) input lag so you are always ahead of the game. Additionally all four of the HDMI ports support 4K gaming at 120Hz (a feature of the HDMI 2.1 spec). Add this to NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility, AMD FreeSync Premium, VRR and ALLM and you’ll get a clear, smooth picture that can’t be rivalled. LG has developed a great gamer-oriented UX too, featuring Game Optimiser and Dashboard so its easy to select the best settings whatever your game of choice for the ultimate winning edge!

Perfectly judged picture quality meets comprehensive Smarts and gaming features, with the LG OLED C3 range.

Another area where OLED has advanced is in the range of screen sizes. Where once you had a choice of two or three, the OLED C3 is a leader in offering no fewer than six. For smaller spaces there are now 42 and 48-inch versions, and the smaller is even proving popular as an ultimate desktop monitor. The larger 55, 65 and 77-inch versions remain the most frequent choice for buyers and still look impressively cinematic. If you really want to be impressed, though, try the 83-inch and you will never need to venture to the multiplex again!

It’s not just the picture that’s made LG’s OLED TVs so popular, either. For Smart TV, LG’s webOS system is among the best in the business. Honed further for 2023, the latest webOS is easier to use yet still brilliantly versatile. Quick Card folders group apps on the home screen by interest, and a new personal profile feature tailors recommendations for each member in the household, making it quicker and easier than ever before to find precisely the entertainment you’re looking for.

With such all-round excellence, it’s hard for us to think of anything we don’t like about the C3. Although it doesn’t feature the stunning wall-mounted design of LG’s flagship OLED G3, it’s still pretty slick. The sound quality is actually fairly good for a TV, but given the slim depth of TVs these days, though, you’ve probably guessed this already and know that the simple solution is adding a soundbar or AV system – LG has even developed a soundbar specially for the C3 (55, 65, 77”) for perfectly integrated sound and design.

You really can’t go wrong with the OLED C3 TV – it’s such a complete all-rounder that you’ll rarely want for more. To find out more about this impressive TV, why not visit your local store today? Or give our telesales team a call.