Product review: LG OLED evo G3 4K Smart TV Range

Until recently, just being an OLED TV was enough to earn a place at the top of the TV hierarchy, but not any more.

Over the last few years, there have been a number of advances in competing technology in the marketplace, so LG has built on the original OLED to make it even better. Enter the LG OLED evo G3. As one of LG’s premium OLED TVs, it has the latest OLED enhancements, and it will blow your socks off.

So what makes the G3’s picture quality so special? Well, the first serious boost to OLED came in 2021, with the introduction of OLED evo technology. This combination of an advanced processor that is dedicated to OLED panel tech, plus sophisticated algorithms, boosted picture brightness for an even greater viewing experience.

For 2022, OLED evo was enhanced further for the G2 model, but this year signals a real step change in picture quality. LG’s new Light Control Architecture, together with other refinements driven by the α9 AI Processor, mean that the LG G3 is LG’s brightest ever OLED TV, boasting pictures up to an incredible 70% brighter than conventional OLED TVs*. LG has added MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology, which uses a layer of tiny lenses to focus the light. This gives you much improved brightness, while still maintaining OLED’s legendary inky depth. Put simply, it gives you the best of all worlds, so it’s little wonder the reviewers and customers love it so much. What Hi-Fi? went so far as to say, “this is one of last year’s very best TVs made better”.Praise indeed!

The beauty of LG’s G-class, or Gallery, model has always been as much about the style as the picture quality, and here’s where that super-slim panel technology really pays dividends. From the OLED G range’s beginnings, the TVs were designed for wall hanging. The G3 is no different and, like previous G-class TVs, it comes supplied with a unique flush-fitting wall bracket. Although you can mount them on an optional table stand (at extra cost), it would be shame to miss out on the sight of a beautiful TV that’s just 2.5cm deep, mounted on your wall.

With the LG OLED evo G3 range, award-winning picture quality has never looked so good.

Once you’ve been wowed by how sleek the OLED G3 looks, be prepared to be gobsmacked all over again when you see it in action. If you’re a movie fan, you’re going to absolutely adore this TV. Switch to the Filmmaker Mode or use a Dolby Vision-encoded movie and prepare for your flabber to be well and truly gasted! If you’ve only ever seen first-generation OLEDs you’ll be impressed by how much brighter the G3 is. When the light is supposed to burn brightly, it does, but never in an unnatural or forced way. Take a look at skin tones and you’ll see the most natural shades you’ve probably ever witnessed from a TV. Sharpness, detail and picture are all class-leading, too, making this quite probably one of the best TV pictures we’ve ever seen – and we’ve seen a lot!

It’s not just with movies and TV shows that the G3 impresses so much, either. Switch to gaming and you’ll find a TV that’s fast to respond. LG OLED TVs have, in recent years, been the benchmark TV for console gaming, thanks partly to HDMI 2.1 technology introducing features such as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and support for 4K gaming at 120fps, but also thanks to OLED technology’s intrinsic super-fast 0.1ms response times plus low input lag. Add LG’s own powerful Alpha 9 AI processing and dedicated Gaming Modes, and gameplay on a G3 is a thrilling experience.

So far, we’ve focused solely on the picture and style and, why not when these figure so highly with this stunning TV? It’s worth adding, though, that the OLED G3 also comes with one of the best Smart TV operating systems in the business – webOS. Small tweaks in 2023 make it simpler to navigate but, truth be told, it didn’t need much tinkering with as it’s already a great system.

How about sound quality? Well, if we’re honest, it’s a bit of a weakness in most super-slim TVs. The G3 still sounds decent enough, considering, but our advice is to get a soundbar or, even better, a full surround sound system to really do justice to the picture’s brilliance.

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re huge fans of LG’s range-topping OLED G3 range. When the picture quality and style are this impressive, it’s hard not to be. So, if we’ve convinced you, why not visit your local store today to check out this award-winning TV? Or give our Telesales team a call. The only tricky decision you’ll need to make is what screen size to go for. With 55, 65, 77 and 83-inch versions available, it’s really just a case of how cinematic you want to go.

*Comparison is LG OLED evo G3 vs non OLED evo models & based on full white measurement (Excluding G3 83”)