Product review: LG OLED55B6V


OLED televisions aren’t just pipe dreams anymore. Gone are the days of staring at them on the internet, puzzled as to how you could possibly scrape together £8,000, and accepting the fact that the world of infinite blacks is just not for you.

Well that was three years ago, times have changed. Enter the LG OLED55B6V.

The B6V is LG’s 2016 entry level (I use that term loosely) OLED 4K screen, and it is incredible. As much as the price has changed, so has the technology. The level of detail that these televisions offer you is unprecedented in the world of LED. Now don’t get me wrong, LED is putting up a damned good fight, but OLED is always going to have that edge due to the nature of the technology within it.

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The panels within the sets are a 10bit UHD premium specification, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. These wonderful sets are capable of even more. A LOT more. The 2016 OLED sets are fit for Dolby vision. It’s not a myth, it’s not like 3D, it’s the highest format of home cinema that we can get our hands on as the general public. It is here and it is available.

Dolby vision

So Dolby vision – It’s basically even more colours than HDR1000. Your usual LED 10bit panel (let’s say the Samsung KS9000) has 1024 RGB values, which gives you just over 1 billion colours. Dolby vision has 4096 RGB values, offering you just over 68 billion colours.

All about Nits
Nits are a measurement of brightness. At present any UHD premium LED TV will have a peak brightness of roughly 1,000nits. Dolby vision is roughly 10,000nits, but no TV is capable of that. So most Dolby vision content is typically mastered at around 4,000nits.

That is all a little “techy”, and to summarise, the OLED screen can offer you more colours, which means a better overall viewing experience.

As you expect the B6V is crammed with features, one of those being LG’sWeb OS 3.0” which is their very user friendly smart interface. This, in my opinion, is not exactly a downfall but is almost childlike. Although I guess not everybody wants a seriously complicated smart interface, so each to their own.

Inside it we have access to Netflix, Amazon and a full web browser, which is made easier to use thanks to LG’s brilliant smart remote which, unlike others, is a more traditional shaped remote with a sort of wand built into it, and plenty more.

It’s now easier than ever to share content from your mobile device or tablet with LG’s smart share, magic mobile connect and content share. There’s even a feature called magic zoom which even I’m unsure of…

My point is that this TV has every bell and whistle you could ever wish for, on top of offering you one of the most detailed pictures I ever thought possible.

If you’re a little baffled by some of the descriptions I have used in this review, then don’t be put off. Come on down and have a look for yourself! There really are no words to describe the picture quality on the 55B6V. After all, seeing is believing.

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth Store