Product review: Marantz PM6006 UK Edition stereo amplifier

Marantz adds some UK flavour to this special edition of the renowned 6006 amplifier.

I’ve been at Richer Sounds now for well over 6 years and I’ll go on record as saying there has been plenty of product changes in that time. The way we listen to music has changed for what seems like the 100th time in just this short (or long however you choose to read it) space of time. Manufacturers have changed their products and services to accommodate this massive change but there seems to be something that hasn’t quite changed as much as you’d think and that’s the hi-fi separates market.

Sure there’s new things to attach to an amplifier like music streamers, but the proper hi-fi amplifier that’s been around for decades has generally stayed the same. Nothing beats playing your music on a good quality amplifier with a good source of music pumping through it. This should probably explain why we have yet another incarnation on the Marantz PM6 series amplifier, the PM6006.

When I first started, I believe the PM/CD6003 series was just gaining a coveted 5-star review from What Hi-Fi? magazine. Since then, Marantz have relied on this tried and tested formula to produce a subsequent 6 series models. We had the 6004 series through to the 6006 series which was released in 2016. Instead of changing the brilliant 6006 series, the Japanese audio giants have done something slightly different in releasing the SE (special editions) series, which is what I’ve got my hands on today.

Upon first glance, I’m at a bit of a loss as to what could possibly be the difference the the original 6006 series. The only difference I can see is the presence of a little British flag just by the Marantz logo on the front. Upon reading up on this it seems to be that the ‘SE’ series is geared for the UK market. It has been tuned specifically for that classic British sound we all know and love. That isn’t the only difference though, as Marantz have included a custom built high quality toroidal transformer in the amplifier, as well as improved ELNA capacitors in the amplifier’s power supply. As with the original, there are the same inputs and outputs on both.

There are both A and B speaker terminals, alongside a moving magnet phono stage for your turntable. Obviously your standard RCA inputs are on board here, four in total, and there is a Record Out as well. As is becoming more and more regular there are digital inputs too, with two optical inputs and one digital coaxial input. Just like the 6006, the “SE” versions are well equipped with everything to connect up your various hi-fi components.

Anyway it’s time to see what the UK tuning has actually done here so let’s put some Pink Floyd on and away we go.

I’ll be honest I was a bit sceptical about there being any difference to the original but I’m glad to say I was wrong. The 6006 was definitely a lot brighter than this “SE” version and could be a little harsh at the top end when listening to things like Pink Floyd’s “Money”. Here though that seems to have disappeared altogether. As Dark Side Of The Moon plays, it seems a much more enjoyable listen. It’s not to detract from the quality of the original series but everything here is more natural and seems to be held together better. That warm British hi-fi sound that’s proved so popular for decades comes through the speakers with excellence. There also seems to be bit more drive here too when turning up the volume. It’s smooth and engaging and I’d have no problem saying that if you’re partial to a bit of British hi-fi, then it may be worth giving these Japanese products a go!

Why not come in and compare it for yourself at your local Richer Sounds and you can hear it for yourself?

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Author: Bradley, Plymouth store