Product review: Mission Aero Wireless Music System

Much more than just a Bluetooth speaker, Mission delivers a solid and authoritative wireless speaker that delivers huge room-filling sound.

Bluetooth speakers are ten a penny these days, so it’s pretty easy to buy one without putting too much research into it. However, if you want to buy the right one you’ll want to make sure you check out the Mission Aero.

Not only is it an active speaker for your portable devices via Bluetooth and Apple Airplay, it also allows you to connect up network devices via DLNA. This means you can stream files from desktop or laptop computers or even Network Hard-drives.

For any cabled sources, optical and analogue aux inputs are included and a USB connection allows your mobile devices to stay charged up. The finishing touch is its stylish aluminium casing which holds 6 BMR drivers and a subwoofer, running through a Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D processor for excellent and immersive stereo sound. If you’re looking for a speaker that’s a cut above the rest, the Aero should be on your list of options.

To hear this amazing speaker in action, pop in to your local Richer Sounds today.

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Author: Steve, Bristol store