Product review: ELAC Cinema 5.1 surround sound system

Big cinema sound from a compact package? ELAC has you covered.

Things have changed in recent years. Big sound no longer necessarily requires big speakers; the introduction of satellite speakers have changed the way surround sound is perceived. Gone are the days of five great big speakers stuffed in each corner of the room. As technology has progressed manufactures have managed to squeeze one hell of a punch into impossibly small packages. Which is great news for those of you looking to keep your surround sound a little low key.

The ELAC Cinema 5.1 is a mid-range full 5.1 surround sound package. Inside each of these 5 little speakers are two small but very impressive drivers, a tweeter and a mid range. These are the important speakers that are in charge of all of your speech and key aspects to any movie. The subwoofer is the larger box, responsible for giving you that stomach churning boom when something explodes in a film.

ELAC’s subwoofer adds powerful punch to low-end sound effects.

I actually set these ELAC speakers up with a Denon AVRX2400 AV receiver for a customer who had scheduled one of our free in-store demonstrations, and I was really impressed with the similarities between this and the £2000 system we usually have running in our demo room. The speakers rely on one another to produce the balanced, room-filling sound it’s supposed to. If you remove the subwoofer from the equation, the sound really suffers, but this system is not designed for that purpose. The speakers and subwoofer work in harmony with a very smooth transition between the higher frequencies and lower tones.

Some cheaper systems can sometimes stutter when pushed, but this system gave a very assured performance. Taking the smaller size of our demo room in to consideration, I was half expecting that to reflect on the the little ELAC package, but there was a fantastic sense of spacial awareness. If I closed my eyes, I could have easily been in a room three times as big with speakers to match, which is a very impressive feat for such a small package!

If you’re looking for a system to get you of the ground, then this is a perfect starter. I was very impressed with what I heard, and the little speakers are easy to hide, plus they come with brackets to wall mount them.

If you fancy hearing this great system in action, or are keen to learn more about what surround sound can add to your home viewing experience, call or pop in to your nearest Richer Sounds for a demo today.

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store