Product review: Revo SuperConnect Internet/DAB/FM Radio

Continuing their incredible run of making critically acclaimed feature-packed radios, Revo delivers their latest and greatest; the Revo SuperConnect.

Radio has been a big part of people’s lives through the years. It is something that’s used almost daily and is a must-have around the home. Whether it be listening to the news first thing in the morning, or streaming live radio via the internet well into the night, it’s a pretty common commodity to have and one some people just can’t live without. This is why we see literally thousands of products out there that enable some sort of radio transmission. One of the best brands of standalone radios over the past few years has been Revo, and what I have in front of me now is the SuperConnect.

My first thought is simply… “wow”! It looks completely different to anything I’ve seen before in a radio. Well, certainly in this decade anyway. It’s got a lovely retro walnut veneer exterior which wraps around an aluminium front and a crystal clear OLED display. Even the speaker grille looks stylish, with it’s classic design standing out amongst the competition. It’s a beautiful design and every part of its 180 x 270 x 120mm footprint is of the highest quality.


Enough about the design (although I could probably talk about it all day). What is a SuperConnect, exactly? Well, it’s a standard DAB/FM radio with Bluetooth connectivity. Oh, and just for good measure, there’s also the added bonus of internet radio. Radio isn’t the only thing you can use the internet connection for though! Due to the SuperConnect being DNLA compliant, you can easily stream music from your PC or NAS drive without any wires. If all of that isn’t enough, Revo have included Spotify Connect, making it easier than ever to stream all your favourite tunes with your Spotify account.

We’ve established quite firmly that the SuperConnect is a masterclass in connectivity so hopefully it will prove just as masterful when listening to the radio or your favourite music.

Powered by a surprisingly punchy 15 watt amplifier, the SuperConnect gives an outstanding full bodied sound that you’d expect from something a lot larger. The build quality, I feel, adds to the solid nature of the sound, as nothing I throw at it seems to be too much trouble. Cranking it up is a seamless and smooth transition and it doesn’t fall into becoming bright or brittle as the music gets louder. Switching to the radio via one of the eight preset buttons on the front and the impressive sound carries on. Speech has a clarity to it you don’t get too often from a speaker this size and the whole experience is quite frankly a joy to listen to.

The Revo SuperConnect isn’t a radio you’ll have tucked into a corner somewhere, it’s meant to be proudly placed and used constantly. If you want to hear just how good it sounds then visit your local Richer Sounds for a cup of tea and a listen.

Click here to learn more about the Revo SuperConnect.

Author: Bradley, Plymouth store