Product review: Marantz TT5005 Turntable

Marantz delivers a rock solid turntable for vinyl newcomers and enthusiasts alike: the Marantz TT5005 Turntable.

Our story starts like most do, with a conversation between you and a loved one as you try to decipher how in the world you’re supposed to listen to the hundreds of vinyl records you somehow inherited from your great uncle Rodney. At this point, I burst through the door to again say something longwinded whilst simultaneously pointing you in the direction of the aforementioned Marantz.

As turntables go, it’s as easy as possible to use and practically idiot proof, offering no extra functionality in the way of recording or USB connections, instead focusing on the pure act of playing the vinyls you hold so dear. On top of this, it comes ready to go out the box with all the parts you need to make it whirr, including a built in phono pre amp, an attached MM (moving magnet) cartridge and cables ready to hook it into any amp with an auxiliary input. Unlike some other turntable setups where you may require an A-level in quantum engineering, this is easy to get going making it a perfect gift to give or be given.

“But Hal?” you ask as your voice bellows through a strangely empty hallway, “what about looks?” Well my friend you are covered, as the Marantz is barely bigger than a vinyl record itself and has a kind of retro aesthetic charm that is so ageless it matters not the style of your abode as it will look in place wherever it may land. It should also be noted that size wise, it will sit atop nearly every amplifier in existence unless you have a very, very small one.

Don’t worry if you came here looking for specs as I’ve got you covered there as well. Right here, you’re looking at an automatic belt driven turntable with metal bearings capable of playing both 33 and 45 rpm (revolutions per minute), utilising an MM cartridge. The cartridge supplied is a DSN-82, but that can be replaced by a multitude of varying styli should you want to improve on the quality of the supplied unit, and the belt itself is rubber and easily replaceable if damaged. For all the serious number junkies out there, it weighs 2.8kg, measures 360 x 97 x 357 (WxHxD) and runs on an output of 2.5mv.

In my humblest of opinions I feel that if you’re looking to buy someone something and they’ve recently expressed any interest in recapturing the feeling of playing The Residents on 12″, then this is a perfect and not overly expensive gift for them. It’s also perfect for someone who already has a hi-fi setup and just needs that one last crucial piece.

To see this turntable or any of the other large range of turntables we stock, pop in to your nearest Richer Sounds today.

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Author: Hal, Plymouth store