Product Review: RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones

As a person who spends most of their life trying to block out external noises, nothing is more precious to me than a good set of in-ear headphones…

Unfortunately, I find myself looking for new headphones as frequently as I pay overdue gas bills, which is why today I’m looking at the RHA MA650 – some in ear headphones that aren’t as expensive as most RHA headphones.

I’m pretty clumsy and constantly find my headphone cables tangled with my keys or stuck in the zip of my jacket, so as you can imagine I break the cable more times then I care to admit. That’s why I initially looked at the MA650’s as they’re completely wireless needing no cable connected to your phone and have a neck strap design, so even if you pop them out whilst awkwardly fumbling your way through buying a chocolate bar at your local garage, you can rest assured knowing they aren’t going to fall on the floor.

In regards to connectivity they utilise Bluetooth to connect to your devices and battery life for listening to all your pumping bass maxes out at about 12 hours, but if your bass is real pumping you’re looking at more like 10. It also has NFC (Near Field Connection) for your android devices if you’re one of the few in the world who actually uses NFC over Bluetooth.

Design wise they’re pretty discrete, not bringing too much attention to the fact you’re wearing them but in my opinion the neck strap may be a bit too thick for some. It’s nothing too detrimental, but for my taste that’s how it is. The buds themselves also feel nice and weighty and even have built in magnets to hold the buds together.

Of course what is a set of headphones without the sound that comes out of them? Fortunately I get to give you the good news that the MA650’s have a good sound ability to them and are one of the better sets when it comes to wireless connectivity. I found myself testing these, as I test most things, with a soul-shattering cascade of electronic noise. This time booting up my copy of the Furi OST, an album so over the top and outstanding that I bought a terrible PS4 game just to listen to it. When I pressed play, I found myself transported to this magical realm of techno synths with the headphones pumping out the treble at an alarming rate and even keeping up with some of the more non-linear sub bass my older in ears have struggled with. Having said that it did seem to struggle with some of the more complex maelstroms of the music but I haven’t met many headphones (in-ear or over) that can cope with some of the more audacious electronic artistry. In that respect these headphones did a bang up job of making me forget that I was listening to small in-ear wireless headphones.

In my honest opinion the RHA MA650 are some of the best wireless in-ear headphones for the money and you’d be hard pressed to find a better purchase if that’s what you’re looking for. To give these a listen, or to check out any others in the huge range of headphones we stock, why not call or pop in to your local Richer Sounds today?

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Author: Hal, Plymouth store