Product Review: Steljes Audio SA20 Portable Radio

A few weeks ago we had an influx of products from British audio manufacturer Steljes. It was the soundbar that I first got my hands on and I was impressed with its value for money and overall performance. Now we have something a bit smaller in the SA20

So what exactly is the SA20? Well it’s a portable DAB/FM radio with Bluetooth connectivity. That may sound a bit basic but that’s a tad deceiving as it certainly doesn’t feel basic. Our review model sported a luxurious walnut finish, although you can also get both black and white options as well. On the top is a nice, strong carry handle to take the strain when it’s being manoeuvred around and the overall build is solid. The battery can be charged to play up to 10 hours of music throughout the house or to take out somewhere with you.

As it’s only 182 x 116 x 100mm in size, there is only a single speaker to produce the sound. It’s front firing and is placed under a nice looking digital display which shows you what time it is. Speaking of the clock, there are sleep timer and alarm clock functions which will prove popular when used in bedside applications. You can wake up to your favourite radio stations as you start your day and if needed, there are also 10 presets available so if you fancy waking up to some music then switching to the news, simply press a button and you’re instantly there.

As you’d expect from just a single speaker, there isn’t a massive soundstage and the volume can’t be played too high. It’s not a bad sound though and is dynamic and nuanced enough to be used in everyday life. The DAB and FM radio gives sound quality good enough to wake up to and it’s an easy listen. Obviously if you want huge, blaring sound then this isn’t going to be the product for you, but as a standalone portable radio, the Steljes SA20 might just fit the bill for you. Just as I’ve come to learn from Steljes products, the value for money is brilliant as there’s plenty to love at this price.

If you want to wake up to the sultry sounds of Radio 2, then pop in to your nearest Richer Sounds to give the SA20 a try!

Click here to learn more about the Steljes SA20.

Author: Bradley, Plymouth store