Product review: Samsung KS7000 range


Samsungs mid-range UHD KS7000 series televisions are incredible. If I didn’t have to fulfil a minimum word count for this review I’d leave it at that. They manage to stuff every single one of their KS range of TVs with so many features, I’m left scratching my head as to why I need to step up a model. Let’s hope Samsung haven’t given away too much too soon.

The KS7000, as I’ve already mentioned, is a powerhouse of television, with a plethora of features; we have an edge lit VA-10bit panel which means that not only is the KS7000 HDR compatible, but due to this 10bit panel paired with Samsung‘s Quantum Dot Technology, the television is capable of a much wider colour gamut and can offer HDR10 support. If you want to take your home cinema experience to the next level, this television should be your first port of call.

All of this added up means that the KS7000 is capable of achieving over 1000nits peak brightness, which means it comes with the UHD badge of honour, or the suitably named Ultra HD Premium seal of approval. This UHD Premium is there to help you, the consumer, fight your way through the swarms of HDR compatible televisions that will be on offer to you over the coming year. uhd

Aesthetically, the KS7000 is not my favourite TV this year. It still sports Samsung‘s 360° design, which means it’s supposed to be aesthetically pleasing whichever way you look at it, but basically means they overpaid someone to design a side of the television no one will ever look at. Smart.

For some reason, they have opted for a chrome edge on the bottom part of the screen, which for me is a huge downside, and I’m not so sure how well that’s going to go down, but I guess time will tell. my next qualm is the feet. Why oh why they have opted for a full-length design, I’m honestly not sure. It’s a shame, but if it’s something you can accommodate, then fantastic news. I’m sure it will have its fans!

Aesthetics aside, that’s not what makes this television so incredible; it’s what you get for the money. I work within this business and I had no idea this level of specification was going to be on offer in this price range. The amount of detail is amazing, I’m seeing parts of films I’ve never seen before! I’ve seen Mad Max a good 5 times now, and I’m still discovering subtle little textures here and there, that only a select few television can show you, the KS7000 being one of them.

As well as all these incredible features, we have all the usual suspects, full Smart capabilities via built-in wi-fi, and Samsung‘s handy little One Connect box. The KS7000 is available in 49″, 55″ and 60″ meaning, if you’re after a huge screen above 60″, then you’re going to have to cast your eyes towards the KS8000.

If you’re after a future proof, all singing all dancing television, but don’t want to break the bank, then the KS7000 should be given some serious consideration.

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To find out more about the Samsung KS7000 series, click here.

Author – Garrett, Plymouth store