Product review: Samsung KU6000 TV range


The initial excitement has began to fade and the dust begins to settle on all the new technology we’ve got in. In our imaginations we’ve spent at least £10,000 on AV gear and we have all read endless amounts about the super high-end televisions available this year. Its time to get back to the real world, it’s time to point the lime light towards the mid range and the more affordable, but still extremely impressive models. Enter the Samsung KU6000 TV range

Three years ago when 4K Ultra HD became a little more mainstream, it was reserved for the super wealthy. As time has gone on, as expected, prices have come crashing down. It’s the same story with HDR technology. The Samsung KU6000 offers a huge amount of TV for the money.

Click here for our video explanation of HDR TV technology.

Click here for our video explanation of HDR TV technology.

The KU6000 takes full advantage of the screen’s native UHD resolution when watching your day to day television, as its 4 step upscaling process means you’ll be squeezing every drop of quality out of your existing Blu-ray collection. You’re never missing out, nor will you feel the need to constantly pump UHD content in to the TV.

Take advantage of Samsung’s Smart features and you’re greeted with a long overdue re-designed Smart hub, super straightforward and easy to use, with all the usual suspects; BBC iPlayer, ITV player, ALL4 and 5 On demand, plus all the premium content you could possibly want.

showimageDon’t be fooled into thinking there’s nothing in 4K to watch – your UHD content is available though Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. As well as these services you will find a full web browser, which has been tweaked and is much easier to use than ever before (I’ve lost my temper with slow web browsers on many occasions, but Samsung’s quad core processor means I’m not left muttering expletives under my breath!)

If you are not a massive movie fan, but just want to future proof, then the KU6000 may be the television for you. Those who consider themselves television veterans may find the Samsung KU6000 to be a little lack lustre – Yes, 4k is beautiful, however models up from this will produce a more lifelike image, and smoother motion for sport and movies, (for more info on the KU6000 series TV, follow this link).

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Author – Garrett, Plymouth store.