Product Review: Samsung Q7F & Q7C TV models



Samsung’s new QLED range of televisions look fantastic, and are really holding their own against the incredible LG OLED screens we have next to them, so I’m here to discuss the first in the QLED range – the QE55Q7F (pictured above) and the QE55Q7C. Now just to quickly clarify, both of these sets offer exactly the same specification, with the only difference being that the QE55Q7C has a curved screen.

So what is QLED? Well take away all its flourishes and the Samsung Q7 television is an LED screen; the technology remains the same, however the Q factor is what makes these sets so special. Q stands for Quantum dot, a technology coined by Samsung a couple of years ago which increases overall brightness and offers a more attractive colour space. It’s important to note that while these sets are a vast improvement over last year’s sets, the technology is similar.

At first glance the Q7 set is just beautiful – for me Samsung hold the title for most attractive TVs. They have stuck with the 360 design, so the sets are as beautiful from behind as from the front, featuring a “bezel-less” design with very nifty cable management incorporated within the stand itself.


Samsung QE55Q7C (pictured) features a curved screen, while the QU55Q7F is flat.

It doesn’t stop there however, as it seems Samsung had their thinking caps firmly on whilst designing the QLED series. The old cable was thick and difficult to bend, and now they have finally done away with it and introduced a near invisible digital optical connection, that comes in 5m as standard. So the unit can be wall mounted, with one fewer ugly cable to manage. Speaking of wall mounting, Samsung have added the “no gap wall mount” using a mount that is sold separately – the hinges for the bracket are built into the back of the set so the unit will sit flush on your wall. Good move.

The Q7 hasn’t just had a face lift; its had some serious improvements over last year’s model, in fact the Q7 series from this year makes 2016’s flagship KS9 series look almost dull. The perception of depth is incredible, the colours are out of this world, and they FINALLY seem to have cracked the motion, no more awful judder like in previous years. I say the same thing every year, I don’t know how they can better themselves but they have. And hats off to them. They have done an incredible job, I’ve done a side by side comparison against this and the Sony flagship LED screen, and this trumps it in almost every single way. It seems Sony have cast aside any ability to handle movement on their new sets, the tables have completely turned, what with the Samsung Q7 offering a silky smooth image across the screen, the Sony left me annoyed and agitated.

The set is 4K Ultra HD Premium and features full HDR1500 support, and of course HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), as and when it arrives. There’s also a revamped smart interface which is easier to use, it is more intuitive and is possibly the best system yet, so lets hope they can get the actual apps to work this year and we should be on to a winner.

After spending a few days with the Q7 series it certainly is very impressive that Samsung have managed to squeeze even more out of their already very impressive line up. I set the Q7 up next to our LG E6V OLED and I was really struggling to pick a favourite, OLED still has that edge on the blacks but the Q7 was so incredibly bright, I really am blown away by it. It really makes me think if the OLED is worth that extra £1000 in some cases, bearing in mind that this is the entry level QLED set.

I’ve always been a massive fan of the OLED televisions, and each year LED technology is creeping closer and closer, maybe I’m just stuck in my ways but I do believe OLED to have the edge – and if you can pick up one of last year’s flagships for a good price then you would be a fool not to. However when stock has gone and the new models come though our doors with an extra £1000+ on the price ticket, I believe the Samsung QLEDs are going to look VERY tempting.

If you’re still on the fence, or just plain unsure as to what OLED or QLED is then please feel free to call us or pop in to any of our stores for a full demonstration.

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store

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  1. Hi Garrett,
    Your review of the Samsung QE55Q7F sounds impressive. Just four questions …
    1/ How is it’s motion control when watching fast sports ie football, tennis, rugby ?
    2/ What alternative LED/LCD TV, for about the same budget, outperforms it regarding motion control ?
    3/ Are viewing angles an issue ?
    4/ How much does it weigh and what are the dimensions of the table top stand ?

    Many thanks
    Mark Hawker (VIP Member)

    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your questions. In this instance, we would recommend that you go and view the TV in-store. This is by far the best way to judge motion and viewing angles against similarly priced TVs. Our guys in store will be able to provide you with a far more personal experience as well.

      The weight is 17.8/21 kg without/with the stand.

      Unfortunately we don’t have any information on the stand size we have no information, however store would be able to easily measure this for you.

      Please don’t hesitate to shout if you have any further questions!