Product Review: Samsung QE55Q6F TV

Samsung’s QLED screens have caused quite the stir recently, biting at the heels of OLED all year and putting up a damn good fight too!

But let’s address the big expensive elephant in the room: price. OLED and QLED are expensive technologies, there’s no getting around it, and unfortunately there is no “cheaper” OLED screens coming to the market any time soon, which leaves a good chunk of us sat with TV envy. Well the good folk at Samsung have decided enough is enough and graced us with the QE55Q6F, an entry level (but still very high end) QLED screen.

The Q6F stills bares all the fantastic traits of its older siblings but comes in substantially cheaper, which is music to my ears, and hopefully yours to. The Q6F still boasts a 100% colour volume using incredible Samsung technology. QLED is still the most colourful television set in the world and the little Q6F is no exception… the vibrancy and detail achieved by this set is utterly incredible.

It’s bright. Really bright, in fact. The Q6F boasts a full HDR10 specification meaning it’s capable of coughing up to over 1000nits of brightness. That’s almost twice that some of its rivals offer, which again puts Samsung at the top of the heap. These are not only the most colourful sets in the world, but they are also the brightest, and it really shows. Colours and bright scenes are effortless, with zero drop in detail, and the image is stable and even throughout regardless of the source being viewed, be it 4K or even FreeView HD.

Q technology means the TV also offers incredible amounts of detail in the dark images too. You find yourself discovering aspects of a movie you have watched 100 times that you just never noticed before – it’s like a completely new viewing experience. I urge everybody considering one of these high end sets to re-watch old movies and see them in a new light.

It’s not just a beautiful image either. The set boasts Samsung’s 360 degree design which  means the television looks just as good when its switched off as it does when its switched on, because lets face it, a 55-inch TV is just as much as piece of furniture as anything else in your living space. Located at either end of the set are two beautifully machined little metal feet but the set can of course be wall mounted with Samsung’s own fantastic “no gap” wall mount or a host of other third party bracket manufacturers.

As with Samsung’s recent high end sets there’s no physical connections on the television, just a mains cable and a very slim cable leading to a “One Connect” box which houses all of your HDMI, optical and USB connections away from the set its self, thus creating less cable mess and a much thinner beautiful TV.

Setting up the Q6F was a very easy process, the whole way though Samsung holds your hand offering tips and tricks and informing you on what everything does as well as giving you a nudge in the right direction. Once set up, you can take advantage of a ton of apps as well as all the usual favourites like BBC iPlayer, ITV player, All 4 and 5 on demand. As well pretty much every subscription service available (Netflix, Amazon, Wuaki, Now TV etc.), the Q6F also features a twin tuner built into the TV meaning with the help of a hard drive you can record and pause live TV.

The Samsung QLED screens really do have to be seen to be believed, so we recommend coming in to your local Richer Sounds for a demo to see just how incredible your viewing experience can be.

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Author: Garrett, Plymouth store