Product Review: Tibo Bond Mini Wireless System Adaptor

Tibo delivers a clever solution to breathe new life into older hi-fi systems by adding hassle-free streaming.

At the centre of most current hi-fi systems is the facility to stream music. Whether it be a Bluetooth connection on an amplifier or maybe even a separate wireless streamer that uses your internet, I’d say it’s becoming more and more popular. With people wanting this facility, there are certainly plenty of products out there to choose from. Well, Tibo have just released another one with the Bond Mini and that’s what I have with me now.

The Bond Mini isn’t much to look at, and that’s the point. I guess the clue is in the name, as it’s diminutive in size at 55 x 20 x 55mm. It’s basically a simple small little black box with a 3.5mm output on the back. It couldn’t be more basic to look at but the Bond Mini isn’t here to take pride of place as an object of affection. The Bond Mini is to be hidden away out of sight whilst giving you the wireless streaming that’s become so sought after.

Connecting the Tibo Bond Mini to the network is simple enough. You can set it up by downloading the free Tibo app to your smart phone or tablet or alternatively, there is a WPS button in the back for an even quicker connection. There sadly isn’t a wired LAN connection which is a bit of a shame. Even though wireless internet speeds and quality are superb now, it’s always nice to have a wired connection for just that bit of an upgrade. Being that the Mini connects over your Wi-Fi, there is a vast improvement on both audio quality and connectivity over

Using the free app is easy and allows for other Tibo products to be placed around the home for a multi-room experience. There are wireless speaker options and various other components that Tibo have released to make your first step into multi-room audio an easy and relatively cheap process.

But what can you actually stream to the Bond Mini? Immediately upon downloading the app, it asks me to allow the app to see all the music stored on my iPhone. It allows me to stream wireless music from any smart phone or tablet with no issues at all. You can stream music from Spotify and Hi-Res tracks using Tidal. Throw in the benefit of internet radio and it’s an outstanding little product that offers great value for money.

Streaming through the Bond Mini is an easy process and the sound is pretty good too. It’s Hi-Res audio playback facility is a really nice touch and you can definitely tell a difference when using Tidal. As a wireless solution which is very cost effective, Tibo are onto a real winner with the Bond Mini.

If you’d like to see how adding streaming capability can breath new life into your hi-fi, come in to your nearest Richer Sounds and see all the streaming solutions we have available.

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Author: Bradley, Plymouth store