Product review: TEAC TN350 USB Turntable

TEAC’s latest turntable the TN350 builds on an acclaimed platform and aims to get the most from your record collection.

Music is designed to be heard, enjoyed and to create an escape. Those under the illusion you need thousands of pounds to achieve fantastic hi-fi sound will be happy to hear they are incorrect, as the price of high quality audio components has dropped considerably in a lot of areas in recent years and the TEAC TN350 turntable is a perfect example of that. Fitting in at a very respectable price point, the TN350 has super seeded the ever-so-popular and incredibly beautiful TN300.

Whilst a few past traits have been handed over, the TN350 has had a face lift and a few extra little tweaks making this one of my absolute favourite turntables on the market today! Available in oiled walnut and an incredible stealthy matte black finish, this two speed turntable has a built in phono stage making it incredibly user friendly and able to get along nicely whatever your system hi-fi system may be! An integrated USB output allows you to easily record your vinyl to your computer in high quality digital formats, allowing you to take your record collection with you everywhere.

The inclusion of an Audio Technica AT95E cartridge means great sound right out of the box.

There are a few extra finishing touches like a polished aluminium platter and an S-shaped tone that offers near perfect tracking and comes standard with an Audio Technica AT95E cartridge that offers a beautiful crisp and accurate sound without having to remortgage your house. Setup involves simply setting up the belt, attaching the cartridge to the tone arm, and you’re away!

The motor is driven by a high torque DC and uses a rubber belt to reduce any vibration which offers an incredibly accurate and consistent rotation speed which TEAC claims will not fault even during those long vinyl binges of a Sunday afternoon. The beautiful, sleek S-shaped tone arm is designed to offer impeccable and accurate tracking and is paired with an easy-to-use anti-skate weight adjustment. At the end of that tone arm is the Audio Technica AT95 E cartridge which is coupled with gold plated terminals to prevent any oxidisation to ensure years and years of faultless vinyl use.

When paired with our Cambridge audio system, the TN350 really goes above an beyond what you would expect for a unit of this price point, offering an incredibly rich and warm sound with pinpoint accuracy in the top end. I could have sat in our demonstration room for days, though sadly there was work to be done and I had to call it a day after an hour so.

The TN350 is an incredible, well-built turntable with a very impressive specification for the price point. Whilst there is room to upgrade the stylus, I was certainly very happy with what I heard. Why not come in to your nearest Richer Sounds today and hear how this great turntable can transform your record collection?

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Author: Garret, Plymouth store