Product video: Denon DM40

Andrew from our Weybridge store takes a look at the mini but mighty Denon DM40, winner of the What Hi-Fi? 2015 Award for best music-system under £400.

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  1. Hi, Does the Denon DM40 have the ability to accept input from a record deck? My preferred deck is a PL12D but I also have a deck with a USB plug on it.

    • Hello Chris,
      Yes, the Denon DM40 does have an input you can use, but you do need to bare a couple of things in mind…

      The correct socket would be the stereo RCA input (red & white jacks). It doesn’t have a phono-stage built in however, so you would need to check if the turntable you want to use has a phono-stage, or use a small external one between the DM40 and turntable to boost the signal. Without this the turntable would be extremely quiet. I believe (with a little Google’ing) with the turntable you have in mind you would need an external pre-amp (phono-stage). Have a look here for a few of the options…
      The USB output on turntables are to facilitate digital back-ups to a computer (basically turning them into mp3s etc.)

      The USB socket on the DM40 is to enable music playback from a small hard-drive or USB memory stick.

      I hope this helps, but feel free to give any of our stores a ring for any further information.

      Kind regards,
      Ian, Richer Sounds.