Product video: Technics SL1200G direct-drive turntable

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  1. Looks great, and it’s attributes were succinctly encapsulated by your man in Cheltenham.

    Have to start saving my pennies!

  2. An awesome piece of kit and a great overview by Paul

    I was lucky enough to purchase the limited edition re-release from 3 years ago, each turntable numbered.

    I listen to soul and smooth jazz  tracks which are often recorded with rich production and amazing vocal arrangements, the Technics catches every single breath of detail.

    Yes pricey….   worth every single penny.

    ( i often wonder what the individuals who decided to stop production of the original 1200/1210 a decade ago were thinking at the time?  And now? )

    What we need now is a remake of the matching Compact Disc player (from circa 1988)
    Another high performer that simply disappeared