Top 5: Movie Soundtracks

In the countdown of top movie soundtracks of all time, which film will make to my number 1?…

Much like anything else that divides opinion, top five lists are a great way to spark debate. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is especially the case when it comes to soundtracks, as we’ve recently found out. Given the massive range of style and quality out there, I had to cut the choices down somewhat. And given this is my personal list, there’s no Frozen on there either…


  1. Gladiator

This list would not be complete without a Hans Zimmer… and what better than Gladiator for his entry. Consistently emotive throughout, it’s a beauty to listen to, both with and without the visual part of the film. A rich tapestry of orchestral music by the Lyndhursh Orchestra studded with lyrics in the language of the heart sung by Lisa Gerrard. The music is more than a match for the rollercoaster journey of the film and squeezes every last drop of soul from the production.


  1. Jurassic Park

With the recent addition to the series fresh in our minds, it only serves to remind just why it’s still such a big deal. One of the key points of praise for the newest addition was the moment the music rolled and the park opened before us once again. This moment in musical score now rests in an entirely new generation’s heart and for good reason, it is not just music – it has a touch of magic.


  1. The Boat That Rocked

Drawing from a wealth of classic hits inspired by the original pirate radio, you could call it cheating. However bringing classic bands like The Turtles back into the lime light is never a bad thing. Picked to support the scenes of the film perfectly, it gave an authentic flavour to the antics of the cast, making it not just a fun romp but an educational thriller. You are reminded of the reality behind the film and the story behind the music.


  1. Guardians of the Galaxy

One of the few films where the soundtrack has transcended the movie itself. Guardians is certainly a fun film but its spark certainly comes from its jaunty 70s tunes. Written into the script and with script written around the music, it puts every song firmly at the core of the movie’s success. In truth I actually owned the soundtrack on vinyl before I brought the film and have been listening to it constantly, not only do I love the music but it is a bonus to picture a raccoon opening a can of whoop-ass, or Chris Pratt using an alien as a microphone as I listen.


  1. The Jungle Book

A bare necessity of any soundtrack is to support the film in every way. Woven into the script, like so many other Disney films, there are few other films that have such an affinity with their music as The Jungle Book. A wonderful blend of blues and soul, it is no wonder the music is so instantly recognisable and still so popular. The fact it was created for the film puts it a solid first in my opinion.

At this moment in time we can only speculate as to whether the forthcoming remake will hold as big a place in our hearts as the original.

Author – Joe, Bath store

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  1. Have to include the soundtrack to Glory by the late James Horner.

  2. Hi there,

    I would first like to suggest that a soundtrack will make a massive impact to one depending on the type of music they like.
    I would totally agree that ‘Lisa Gerrard – Now We Are Free’ from ‘Gladiator’ is an absolute heart pounding track and deeply beautiful but my number one soundtrack will always be ‘Maximum Overdrive’. Music by AC/DC.