Top games for February 2016

Much like last year, January gave us a slow start to the gaming year with mainly re-releases and a few brand-new games. February looks to up the ante a little with some big games coming out, so let’s have a look at what you should be excited for this February…

Far Cry Primal

Due February 23rd for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Far Cry is a game known for gun toting escapades, not so much with Far Cry Primal though. Instead of the usual modern day story, Ubisoft have taken the series in a completely new direction deciding to focus on prehistoric times. Utilising a host of primitive weapons and the ability to tame wild animals – Far Cry Primal should be a very interesting take on the formula.

Street Fighter 5

Due February 16th for PS4 & PC

Street Fighter is back! The original and best fighting game comes back for what is sure to be another instalment that wows fighting game fans and works its way into the competitive fighting scene as a mainstay. Mixing classic characters with new and adding the V-Gauge system to change things up a bit, Street Fighter 5 is a must if you’re any kind of fighting fan and own a PS4.


Due February 9th for PS4, PC & Mac

Based around the fantastic work of Artist Olly Moss, Firewatch looks to tell a narrative tale whilst allowing the player to explore a beautiful landscape based on rural America. Like a select few games nowadays, Firewatch focuses on interactions and gives the player choice on how to create key moments, meaning a much more involving experience.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Due February 23rd for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was a fun game! Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 will certainly be a fun game! Taking everything that made the original interesting and adding more functions and options, whilst also allowing offline play should make this a must-have for fans of frenetic first person shooters.


Released February 9th for PS4, Xbox One & PC

One of EA’s big indie games Unravel was shown to the world at E3 and instantly garnered the kind of love and excitement usually reserved for the Super Mario game. The game follows Yarny (an anthropomorphic yarn creature) as he explores in wonder the world around him. Mainly a puzzle game Unravel also utilises elements of physics as Yarny can use his yarn to traverse the environment.

Honourable Mention

Megaman Legacy

Due February 23rd for PS4, Xbox One & 3DS

Megaman Legacy is a compilation of the original 6 Megaman games. Originally released August 25th digitally for PS4 and Xbox One, this release see’s physical copies of the game becoming available whilst also adding a 3DS version. A great game for someone that grew up with Mega man, but also a great compilation for someone new to the franchise to start with.

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Author – Hal, Plymouth store.