Video: 4K Ultra HD

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  1. Excellent video Ben – I used to be a TV programme Editor.
    Your intro to 4K was very well done – good piece of communication – up to professional standards. Thx Simon, Cambridge

  2. Yep,it’s a very good intro but I still feel there could be more output regarding set-up,how easy it is to use the remote,the cost of 4k HD when it becomes the norm and so forth,not a criticism by the way.

    • Hello Tony,
      Thanks very much for the feedback. I’m pleased you liked the video, and I hope you found it informative. The set-up of a 4K TV is very much like Full HD set, with little to no extra work required. We always do recommend playing around with picture settings once you have the TV at home, as each screen and room do vary considerably. Currently 4K content is available on streaming services. The premium services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime do require a subscription to access. This is usually easiest to set up on a computer first. For more information, all of our in-store team are fully trained on giving you the best advice.

      In regards to the cost of 4K Blu-ray when it hits our shores, that is a very difficult one to forcast. Recent reports suggest there will be a couple of models at launch, and (as is usually the case) it will be a very premium technology, with prices expected to drop after that.
      Many thanks,

  3. Very good presentation but you make no mention of the broadband speed needed to stream in 4k resolution. I cannot even begin to stream in the lowest resolution with the 0.9mbps download speed I receive. Much of rural Britain has appalling broadband. Those of you who live in towns and cities might not be aware of the digital divide. It is costing business dearly. It is the only reason I am not buying a 4k t.v.

    • Thanks for your comments Rod. Netflix recommend a broadband speed of 15 to 20 Mbps to be able to stream 4K content. According to a recent government report, the average UK speed is now 29.4 Mbps.*

      For the one in three of people with poorer bandwidth, who are not currently able to stream 4K, the good news is the UK are investing serious money in rollout of “ultrafast” fiberoptic internet. I would recommend keeping an eye on the following site for updates for your area:

      2016 will also see the availability of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray too, meaning “offline” content.

      *For more information, please see this report.