Video: HDR TVs explained

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  1. great video thanks Josh.  Will an HDR TV be good to go straight from the box or would you recommend any settings within the TV that could help with the picture quality.  Does HDR have to be enabled to start enjoying the content for example.  Also one other question.  BD-Wise on Samsung devices.  Your opinion.  yes/no ?

    • Thanks for the comment, Stephen.
      In order to get the best out of a HDR TV you will need to pair it up with some HDR content – whether that’s a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player or a premium streaming service, such as Netflix.

      In terms of settings, as each TV and every room is different, the best advice would be to have a play with the picture settings to see what works best in your home. There are some great calibration discs that will help with this. Keep your eye out for a DVD or Blu-ray with THX certification – these usually have the THX calibration feature, which guides you through setting up your screen. Click here for the complete list of THX titles.

      With BD-Wise, much like any automatic calibration, is a simple solution – but maybe not the most complete. I would always advise trusting your eyes, and play around with the settings to see what you think looks best.

      Many thanks,
      Ian – Richer Sounds

  2. These blogs from the staff at Richersound are brilliant and really explain things in detail to the layman and nontechnical person. 
    It’s this experience and knowledge that first took me to your Southampton store eight years ago when I purchased a Hitachi plasma TV this has given brilliant service and as its starting to have dark patches on the screen will be replaced very soon. I have reccomended Richersounds to many friends and family across the UK, and all without exception have said how pleased they are with the service, knowledge and competitive prices they recieved 
    I will certainly be going back to Southampton to buy my new TV ( when I have decided whether to go the HDR route or not.)
    Thanks for being there.
    Steve Abraham