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 “There has never been a better time to love music. With music streaming services, such as Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and Deezer, it’s so easy
to access all of your favourite songs at the touch
of a button.

You’d be mistaken in thinking all services are the same, however. So how is it possible to hear more in your songs? Well, music services offer different levels of quality to send the music over the internet. Often the free services pipe out very compressed music, which sounds more akin to an old radio signal. Move up a level and you will really hear the difference. With higher bit-rates, lossless and hi-res music now available, the difference is like night and day.

This is where your equipment comes into the equation. A good wireless speaker will give you hours of music. A better wireless speaker will give you a much more lively and enjoyable experience. When you switch between those freebie headphones and an upgraded pair, you will hear more of the music and pick out more detail than you even thought was there.

Imagine trying to read a magazine with poor eye sight. Now, just by wearing a pair of correctly-suited glasses, everything pops out. The print becomes clear, the photos are vivid and detailed. The difference is obvious. Upgrading your musical equipment will make this difference. A better system will really bring out the very best in your favourite music.

To find out more about getting the very best from your digital music streaming, from amazing headphones to wireless speakers and beyond, give us a call or pop in to your local store today!

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  1. Will I be able to use Google play on my Hoes 1 speakers.

    • Thanks for the message David.
      Unfortunately HEOS does not currently support Google Play Music on its app. There is the possibility they will add it in the future, (the same goes with other services), but as far as we know there are no firm plans in place for Google Play Music yet.

      Kind regards,

  2. I want to listen to Spotify at home but don’t really understand the advantages of Airplay or Google Cast over Spotify Connect. Can I upgrade an existing stereo or do I need to buy a new speaker from someone like Sonos? If I need to buy a new speaker to listen to Spotify on then what should I take into consideration to make a choice?


    • Spotify also has the advantage of working with Google Cast devices. When in the Spotify app it will appear in the list of “available devices”.

      Google Cast devices have the advantage of working with other (free) music services such as internet radio and (in some cases, where the device is video as well as audio) YouTube.

      There are systems with Spotify Connect built-in, but it is sometimes good to have a few options, in case you change your music service at a later date. And finally, yes there are devices available that enable you to turn a standard hi-fi into a network enabled system… Sonos is just one, with their CONNECT unit. The advantage of these is music through different rooms in the house.